Designer Friday: An ASPIRE Exclusive Interview With Lance Thomas

This living area is from Thomas Guy Interiors Coastal Contemporary home. With the house placed directly next to the water, this humble abode has a glamour of a weekend home with the design elements of a functional home.

Lance Thomas, half of the dynamic duo that makes up Thomas Guy Interiors, is the principal of this full-service interior design firm. Thomas Guy Interiors’ pride themselves on infusing all projects with their southern roots while also giving them a modern and sophisticated twist. Even though this is how the duo expresses their style, they also firmly believe that their client’s personal aesthetic should be at the front of their mind while creating spaces that reflect all parties. Thomas Guy Interiors has been featured in major publications such as Forbes and House Beautiful, and their designs can be found throughout the US in Texas, Colorado, and Louisiana. Introducing this week’s Designer Friday, Lance Thomas of Thomas Guy Interiors.

This decadent master bedroom is dressed in a creamy color palette that gives off a fresh and tailored look. On opposite sides of the bed frame house turtle-shell lamps that perfectly exemplify the team’s Southern and sophisticated ethos. Photography by Haylei Smith.

Andrew Joseph: What’s one thing people don’t know about you?
Lance Thomas: Many people don’t know that I was cast on an HGTV Reality competition show called “Design Star: White Room Challenge!” This was a wonderful opportunity for me that really piqued my interest in the design and broadcast world.

Andrew: What would your dream project or dream client be right now?
Lance: My dream project would be a boutique, artsy hotel concept like a hotel ZaZa where every room could tell a different story.

This avant-garde space is one of the many eclectic rooms found in the Della Belle Bed and Breakfast located in Louisiana. Lance Thomas made sure to keep the 18th century history of the BnB prevalent in each room while mixing in with a modern elements to make the room feel like a Sofia Coppola daydream.

Andrew: How would you define your work in three words?
Lance: Evocative, Sophisticated, Livable.

Andrew: Are you a pet person? Dogs or cats?
Lance: Absolutely! I am obsessed with my Pit Bull, Roux. So much so, I’ve been known to decorate my home so she looks good in it.

This table set for 10 can be found in one of the many estates that Lance Thomas has designed and created. Thomas made sure to keep “Southern charm” in mind, as some of the original elements were still intact and ready to be showcased.

Andrew: What’s your favorite cocktail?
Lance: “The Cyrus” cocktail at Le Bar Botaniste in Paris is my absolute favorite of all time. Smoked lime zest and exotic spices adorn this vodka-based treasure.

About The Designer | Spearheaded by Lance Thomas and Drew Hoffpauir, Louisiana-based Thomas Guy Interiors is a dynamic full-service interior design firm celebrating an evocative, curated style- where traditional meets current and eclectic. From classic estates to contemporary abodes, Lance and Drew team up to bring an elevated design to a variety of charming spaces.

Thomas Guy Interiors’ southern traditional roots mixed with current and modern edge brings a sophisticated sense of style to each and every project. Lance and Drew pride themselves on working closely with their clients to capture and evoke their individuality. Through their efforts to give each project a clear voice, the duo believes that each person should feel comfortable implementing their personal aesthetic throughout their home.

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