Designer Friday: An ASPIRE Exclusive Interview With LuxySpace

Lilit Devejian and Christina Kaz make up the powerful duo that lead the award-winning interior design firm, LuxySpace. Since establishing their company in 2016, the two women have designed sophisticated, elegant, and glamorous homesll over Southern California. After perfecting their formula to create luxury-residential properties, LuxySpace expanded to take on luxury-commercial projects, allowing them to design through a different lens. “The goal is not merely to invent a beautiful atmosphere, it is to establish an elevated existence,” says Lilit and Christina proudly. Introducing this week’s Designer Friday, LuxySpace.

In each of LuxySpace’s designs, they make it a priority to include custom floral arrangements. They believe that having plant life in your home can truly enhance not only your mental health, but also your physical well-being.

Andrew Joseph: If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?
Christina Kaz: An eagle. They are free and soar peacefully in the blue sky- anywhere in the world. Poised, powerful and beautiful.

Andrew: Describe your design style as if you were explaining it to someone who cannot see.
Lilit and Christina: With an intensive discovery process, we uncover the clientele’s desired lifestyle and passions. Our signature style is modern, classic, elegant and timeless. We are inspired by clean lines, high-end décor, and natural hues. As we like to say, The goal is not merely to invent a beautiful atmosphere…it is to establish an elevated existence.

Andrew: What’s inspiring you in life (in the industry) right now?
Christina: Today, our nation has a lot of varying perspectives on culture, religion, and politics. At the same time, there is a nice movement of incorporating all of our super personal views in our interior and lifestyle. It’s inspiring to incorporate a client’s subjective choices into a positive interpretation that’s not only unifying, it’s healing and inspiring.

This living room that opens up onto the beachside and is touched with soft, neutral tones found throughout space and are complemented by the accompanied natural wood surfaces.

Andrew: Best advice you’d give your teenage self?
Lilit Devejian: Be unapologetically yourself!

Andrew: What makes you angry?
Christina: Inhumanity.

Andrew: If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Lilit: The ability to instantly download someone’s mind – with their consent of course! It’ll allow us to save many client discovery hours and move faster!

Andrew: If you weren’t a designer, you’d be a ….?
Lilit and Christina: Nutritionist, food blogger, travel guide, fashionista and therapist.

Andrew: What’s your design pet peeve?
Lilit and Christina: Excessive clutter. It is usually due to lack of experience and fear of not having enough. When you have the right pieces with the correct scale and proportion you don’t need too many things, just the right items in the right places.

By keeping the environment in mind, LuxySpace wanted to incorporate a friendly visitor in this space: the Heron in this dining room. She’s situated under a classic chandelier which included metal chains on the perimeter, anchoring the room.

Andrew: What are three things you can’t live without?
Lilit and Christina: “Emergency” dinners! We enjoy hosting impromptu dinners by invitation with great friends, and fine wine paired with amazing home-made food (usually prepared by the Mr’s!).

Andrew: What’s one ingredient you put in everything?
Christina: Garlic and black pepper.

Andrew: How would you define your work in three words?
Lilit and Christina: Therapist, art curator, mind reader, design Tailor, Interior Fashion Architect, creative mind and cultivator… to name more than a few!

About The Designers | LuxySpace is an award-winning luxury interior design firm with offices in Beverly Hills and Central Valley. Principal designers Christina Kaz and Lilit Devejian curate inviting and elevated spaces that are healing, empowering, and inspiring. In their talented hands, successful design is a tool of enlightenment and self-improvement. LuxySpace primarily works in high-end private residential design and staging. Recently, the firm expanded into luxury commercial projects, and occasionally accepts special assignments, pairing up with some of the world’s most discerning and iconic brands.

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