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SoCal native Mark Weaver’s design firm, Mark Weaver and Associates, was borne in 1970 out of a passion to contribute something new and exciting to the design community. In Los Angeles, a bustling city of trendsetters and trend followers, Weaver chose to focus on the client themselves rather than the moment’s current crazes. Following this path, the design leader has now completed projects across the country and beyond, including piazzas in Italy and cottages in London. He has renovated offices for the nation’s top companies and left the mainland to decorate island retreats, planes, and yachts. Using a mix of collector’s pieces and modern furniture, his interiors vary in style and scheme, but all carry a sense of luxury and lavishness. As our Designer Friday of the week, Mark answered our questions and gave us a look at some of his favorite projects.

Rich woods and a creamy white couch are complimented with a muted geometric rug in this Weaver living room.

Andrew Joseph: How do you maintain a work/life balance?

Mark Weaver: I make it a point to travel extensively. It’s great for work, learning about design trends all over the world and bringing back unusual finds for our discerning clientele. It also allows me time to unwind amidst beautiful scenery and to indulge my adventurous side—skiing, rafting and exploring nature. Thankfully, events I would attend in town for work are also enjoyable for me and don’t feel much like work, such as seeing art shows, museums and theater.

Andrew: What’s one ingredient you put in everything?

Mark: Passion. Without it, the work has no meaning. It can still be beautiful, but passion is what takes it to another level. It is the driving force behind the living spaces I create for my clients.

Andrew: How would you define your work in three words?

Mark: Fresh yet classic.


Andrew: How do you define beauty?

Mark: In much the same way that I define art. Art is involved in every moment of everyday life, whether it’s fashion, the packaging of a product or the presentation of food. Art is how you perceive things. I think beauty is very similar. It is a part of our everyday life and can be seen in anything from a movie that’s beautifully shot to a sculpture to an artfully crafted piece of furniture. It is a very personal experience.

Andrew: Favorite city to recharge?

Mark: Venice. It is hands-down my favorite city in general. The art and architecture are remarkable. I love to attend the Venice Biennale. I enjoy visiting the Canova Temple, Museum Gipsoteca Antonia Canova and Villas of the Veneto. Of course, the restaurants and shops are beyond compare.

About The Designer | Mark Weaver’s Italian heritage has greatly influenced his love of history, architecture and antiques. His interest in travel and culture takes him abroad searching for the rare and unusual. Mark Weaver & Associates was founded by Mark Weaver over 40 years ago and is widely known as one of the most prestigious design firms in the country.

Mark is a founding member of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, a member of the Decorative Arts Council for LACMA, a patron of the Los Angeles Opera and a frequent lecturer at UCLA.

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