Designer Friday: An ASPIRE Exclusive Interview With Susan Jamieson

This week, we introduce you to Susan Jamieson, founder of award-winning interior design brand Bridget Beari. Susan’s #LivingtheMix philosophy is inspirational, as is her boundless passion for world health and sustainability. Meet this week’s delightful #DesignerFriday.

Living Room designed by Susan Jamieson featuring her Bridget Beari Colors and Papers wall paint and wallpaper collections.

Andrew Joseph: One thing no one in the industry knows about you?
Susan Jamieson: When I was 26 years-old I survived a car accident that left me with a debilitating condition and leg brace. It’s not something that I really talk about because it is just part of life now. Sure, feeling different and not always being able to do certain things that others can has been a struggle at times. But for the most part, I’ve learned to create my own paths and remain grateful for all that I do have. We each have challenges and with my mine, I believe I have grown stronger, more creative and more compassionate. I’ve also learned to the rock palazzo pant and maxi-dress over that brace!

Andrew: Who is a contemporary inspiration in your field?
Susan: Jean-Louis Deniot. What I love is his fusion of high style, creativity, and nuance of color and texture. It’s the blend of styles both classical and contemporary that I adore and strive to create in my own work. I call this #LivingtheMix!

Andrew: What are you most excited about at this time in your life?
Susan: I finally launched my Colors and Papers website this fall! I have been creating custom paint and wallpapers for my own design projects for decades and now others can actually see and purchase my collections on that thing called the world wide web! Welcome to the 21st Century Bridget Beari! Also, a portion of all proceeds go to animal care and rescue organizations; Bridget and Beari were two of my many beloved rescues.

In this Tulum, Mexico home, the Caribbean’s beauty is exhibited at its best.

Andrew: A skill you are working on mastering?
Susan: I’m a certified raw chef and am always trying to master meals that my husband loves … or at least eats. If it’s inedible the health benefits are, well, compost!

Andrew: What’s inspiring you in life (in the industry) right now?
Susan: The movement toward wellness in the home. With EMFs, product off-gassing, chemicals in fabrics and so forth, how are we as designers staying educated and protecting our clients? Since working with a client who is building a house with a conscious effort to incorporate only natural products and processes, I am really into researching and discovering healthier chooses for my clients and myself. My Home Wellness Thursday video tips on Instagram are keeping me on my “good for you” game!

Andrew: Dream country to work in? Or dream project to take on?
Susan: I’m fortunate to have worked on a true dream project in Tulum, Mexico. I designed a resort there overlooking the Caribbean. Collaborating with the architect and local craftsman, we created structures that would have minimal impact on the environment. We designed the house and grounds around existing trees and incorporated renewable sources and solar technology. We also used sustainable woods for handcrafted furnishings and architectural elements throughout. The community, the culture, and the setting were all amazing. Next dream project? I would love to do another tropical home … and an Italian villa wouldn’t be too bad either!

About The Designer | Susan Jamieson is the founder of and artistic force behind the award-winning interior design, paint, wallpaper, and home furnishings brand, Bridget Beari®. Born with the soul of an artist and raised in the effortless beauty and graciousness of Southern style, Jamieson’s designs are infused with warmth and imagination. 

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