Editor’s Picks: 14 Black And White Goods We Love

As seen in aspire design and home magazine annual black and white issue, these 14 goods run the gamut from graphic to glamorous.

Magnolia Grid Set | Malmberg Studio
Set of nine custom photography prints by photographer Robert Malmberg of Malmberg Studio. A photographic celebration of the magnolia flower during the different phases of its natural life cyle, the intimate composition reveals stunning details on this ancient genus of bisexual flowers. These images are custom-printed on museum-quality photo paper and printed, signed and numbered by Malmberg. Offered in 10”x 10”and 20”x 20”

Truman Cabinet | Fratelli Boffi
This astonishing black and white polka dot cabinet is made of wood and provided with shelves and six drawers. It has a lacquered finish outside as well as inside.

Clouds Series | Master Ceramicist Chris Gustin
“This body of work covers a two-year span,” Gustin says. “By inviting both the hand and eye to explore the forms, I hope to evoke numerous memories, recollections that have the potential to change from moment to moment, provoking connections that go past the intellectual to the innate.” Pictured: #1613, 23”x 24”x18”.

Pop Culture Collection | Walker Zanger
The palette of Pop Culture’s porcelain tiles contrasts graphic black and white Porcelain tiles with matching white and black field tiles, giving the space an edgy, modern appeal.

R&B2 Low Chair | Branca Lisboa
Inspired by the traditional Portuguese chair, R&B2 is the return to Portuguese simplicity in wood furniture making. This new chair, like the originals, keeps the multi-stick crossed structure for a strong resistance and a long usage live.

Napkin Rings | Kim Seybert
Pictured here, the Amalfi napkin rings borrow their shape and colors from nature’s coral formations. They are made from organically-shaped coral-like beads.

New Additions From In Common With designers Nick Ozemba and Felicia Hung
Alien Orb Pendant Light in White Clay (left) and Ceramic Disc Orb Pendant Light in Black Clay (right).

Sogno Seating System | Matrix International Forme
Designed by a working group of the DIDA, School of Architecture of the University of Florence, the system provides a variety of seating postures which are obtained thanks to a mechanism concealed in the structure; the seat varies from being a super-accessorized couch to becoming a linear, generous day bed where the seat cushion becomes, being reversible, more comfortable.

H O M E Collection | Norma Kamali
“I have one piece of art, which is a digital wall I create and to which friends contribute. The remaining walls are ceiling-to-floor windows, framing the ever-changing colors in the sky at sunset and as the seasons change. For years I have been cutting and sewing patterns and shapes. Cubes, balls, cones and square pillows infuse my home with serenity; cuddle pillows and comforters made exactly like my sleeping bag coats carry the look into the bedroom. Matching coats and carry bags are all part of what is now my H O M E collection.” – Norma Kamali

Proton Alpha Pendant | Sonneman
Polished Black Nickel with Smoked Glass. This delicately scaled but inherently strong connection of rigid triangular forms describes the achievement of structural volume from minimal elements. Named for a subatomic particle and building block of energy, Proton radiates its powerful LED illumination from pristine glass luminaires that terminate each intersecting rod.

The “Pavus” Luxury Collection | Nina Magon
Pictured: Aryan Dinnerware. Each piece features a trio of buckles reminiscent of an Arena polo team, imbuing the collection with classic refinement.

Hedgerow in Lichen | Pierre Frey x Ken Fulk
Three new rugs and carpets complete the collection of fabrics and wallpapers. Seen from the sky, these hedges interweave like labyrinths. A tribute to landscape construction, this design combines references to 18th- century gardens by Lancelot Brown as well as the illusionist works of M.C. Escher. Woven in Axminster, layered colors create a three-dimensional effect.

Paris Chair | Designed by Hugues Chevalier
Upholstery in leather or fabric, metal base in bronze or chrome finish. Backrest in wood with satin or high-gloss finish. Made in France.

Zirconia Cutlery | Oji & Design: Masanori Oji
Fine cutlery forged from minerals. Unlike conventional silverware, zirconia does not impart a metallic taste or cause metal allergies. This makes zirconia the ideal material for anyone wanting to enhance their daily dining experience.

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