Editor’s Picks: 6 Beautiful Blue Textiles And Wallcoverings

As seen in the aspire design and home Summer 2021 issue, these six textiles and wallcoverings are channeling notes of the sea and sky.

Dogon Wallcovering and Fabric | World’s End Collection from The Vale London
Celebrating the artistry of the indigenous people of Mali, Dogon reflects the ancient craft and motifs of bògòlanfini, or ‘bogolan’. Bògòlanfini patterns are rich in cultural significance, often featuring scenes from myths and folklore, proverbs and dancing figures with upraised hands. Bring a feeling of festivity into your space with this versatile wallcovering.

Matchstick Banksia Blue Linen | Precious Collection from Utopia Goods
Named after a unique plant, endemic to the Avon River Basin, this beautiful wild and vibrant print not only honours native flora but is perfect for any manner of soft furnishings.

Soie Changeante Brume Wallpaper | Elitis
This collection relies on a silk effect embossing and a silk painting spirit to offer geometric, striped or patterned designs. “As the paint seems to stream through the weave, overlapping transparent layers, images of vaporous jewelry, fine stripes or strange graffiti appear.”

Rorschach Butterflies Wallpaper | Robert Malmberg
Rorschach Butterflies is a study of Peruvian butterflies arranged on sheets of glass. Robert implements double exposure techniques and moody lighting to create a sense of flight in this vibrant pattern.

Tuareg Wallpaper in Azul Pool | Katie Leede
The radiating star pattern for “Tuareg” is a familiar motif seen in the intricate, mosaic “Zellig” tile work of Morocco. Here, the small, geometric design has been simplified and hand drawn to create a more spontaneous, artful effect that is easy to live with and the look of which transcends cultural boundaries.

Out East Wallpaper | Eskayel
In a collaboration for Eskayel between Curious Yellow and longtime Eskayel client Shanan Campanaro, views of familiar sights from Montauk, Sag Harbor and Sagaponack decorate this Hampton’s toile.

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