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Residents of Barcelona’s El Born neighborhood have a saying: Roda el món i torna al Born, which means “Travel the world and come back to El Born.” It’s a phrase that explains the enduring appeal of this bohemian section of the city with a decidedly artistic heartbeat. Located on a wide pedestrian street is a modernistic apartment in a charming period building that’s fully furnished in vibrant Catalan design.

The industrial vibe of the interior, demonstrated by subway-tiled walls, exposed stonework and raw wood cabinetry, is softened by tall balcony doors that wash the rooms in natural light, put-your-feet-up furniture and imaginative lighting. “This turnkey apartment is a perfect ‘walk-in welcome to designer living’ in one of Barcelona’s trendiest neighborhoods,” notes Carrie Frais, spokesperson for luxury real estate firm Lucas Fox. “Urban living enjoys a stylish spin on international designer chic in this fully kitted-out apartment in the heart of Old Town Barcelona.”

Pablo Picasso arrived in El Born at the age of 15 when he embraced progressive ideas about art and society that led him to create cubism. As a tribute to one of Spain’s favorite sons, the neighborhood is home to the Picasso Museum, housed in five different medieval palaces. El Born is also renowned for designer shopping at Brazilian fashion icon Colcci and Coquette, a boutique said to be influenced by the owners’ trips to New York’s Soho.

With that in mind, it’s fitting that Frais sums up El Born by comparing it to Manhattan, “Combine New York style and Catalan cool in historic and happening urban Barcelona.” The warm, welcoming Spanish philosophy of “Mi casa es su casa,” loosely interpreted as “Make yourself at home,” applies to this polished residential gem.

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Photography Courtesy of Lucas Fox International Properties.

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