Master Of Color, Florist Todd Fiscus Dazzles Dallas And Beyond

Meet Todd Fiscus, the Titian of floral art, whose versatility with color and contemporary design has brought fame and acclaim to his Dallas shop, Avant Garden.

Sure, we can gather flowers bought at a market but few can assemble a breathtaking bouquet that hits all the right notes as Avant Garden does for their discerning clients.

Notice the bouquets we’ve shown you here. The mustard yellow roses with the Texas blue colored cymbidium orchids and hydrangeas accented by the pop of deep plum ranunculus. It’s like a concert of color.

And yet, when needed, he and his talented team can be sublimely elegant using just one flower as with this bouquet of blush pink proteas. Of course, his secret is finding the best flowers in the world where the freshness wafts through the air subtly but undeniably with a beauty only the best-curated flowers can be.

Here’s another example of his command of color. Yes, this is a clustering of pink roses – but his bravery in just accenting the perkier pinks on the right side of the arrangement elevates this to art.

It is also the artist’s skill to have the touch to measure how big or small the blooms must be to be happy together. Small and delicate. Or stretching to be noticed with just enough restraint. Of course, he then finds the perfect muted pink vase to house this special display.

We became aware of Todd’s work from my childhood friend Cornelia Guest, who has a front-row seat to the most stylish and interesting parties around the globe. While generous with praise, and love, it is never ever offered without being truly earned.

Of course, Cornelia was right. As Todd has said, his flowers must be “sexy, emotional and soft around the edges.”

His alchemist ability to ease into various styles, as this team does, is reflected in their clientele.

It is not only Cornelia Guest who is a fan. The best hostesses of Texas have him on speed dial and he also provides lush arrangements for the Jones family and the Dallas Cowboys as well designing floral decor for Mahekal Beach Resort and weddings galore, earning him a coveted slot on the Knot’s Wed 100-100 of the most inspiring wedding professionals.

While some prefer lush and traditional, others seek a modern interpretation. Hence, Avant Garden also provides floral arrangements for the Rachofsky House, a private home and contemporary art collection of Cindy and Howard Rachofsky.

Just look at how Todd and his team let this tulip drape and descend down a vase for an unexpected statement. And then balances it by putting this spidery rust-colored protea to support it not in the vase, but on the table, which becomes such an artistic flourish. Again, the carbon edged vase with the accentuated height also adds surprise and intrigue.

Avant Garden is not only a home for a charming floral shop that people flock to but also sells home decor items ranging from unique vases to intoxicating floral-scented candles and products.

Many florists have a signature style for all their designs. What’s so interesting about Todd Fiscus’ Avant Garden is that it is so adaptive while maintaining the highest integrity for color, design and the endearing quality of each flower.

One could say, that Todd Fiscus is here for hue.

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