10 Ways To Use Geometric Shapes To Transform Your Space

With crisp lines and compelling patterns, the use of geometric shapes in design brings balance to any space. From tile flooring to accent pillows, geometric shapes allow designers to instill uniformity in a room, while maintaining their unique creativity and style.

These collections are a great place to get started in incorporating more geometry into your home or office.
2018 Collection – True North Textiles
True North Textiles specializes in hand-woven rugs with simple, yet thoughtful, patterns. Their Fall collection was inspired by comfort, focusing on how different shapes can bring different energies into your home. While the Spring Collection represents structures found in nature, highlighting the familiar contours of mountains, water, and forest landscapes.

HoneycombRock Armchair
Stranger Collection – Royal Stranger
This furniture collection from Royal Stranger takes geometry to a whole new place with its incorporation of asymmetrical designs. The Rock and Honeycomb brands, available in armchairs, consoles and sideboards, juxtapose traditional square lines on one end with more jagged and angular shapes, inspired by nature, on the other.

Calculus Textiles Collection – James Dunlop
James Dunlop Textiles manufactures high-quality textiles for upholstery, drapery, and wall covering purposes. Named after the branch of math itself, the company’s Calculus series joins the precise calculations of the mathematical study, with stylish designs and rich colors.

Apprentice Table Lamp
2019 Lighting Collection – Jamie Young Co.
Jamie Young’s 2019 collection is all about, “Sculptural lighting.” From Dewdrop table lamps to Art Deco-inspired Skyscraper lamps, each product functions as both a light source and a piece of artwork. And with a range of stiff to more fluid shapes, there’s something for everyone from this designer.

Villa d’Oro Tiles – Walker Zanger
The Villa d’Oro collection was designed to represent the many cultural influences of the Mediterranean. In order to honor the diverse artistic styles, Walker Zanger broke down designs to their basic geometric elements to rework them for contemporary use. Consequently, the stone tiles bring a sense of history to even the most modern spaces.

Nikki Chu Cosmic Diamond PillowPaloma Pillow
Pillows – High Fashion Home
These two pillows feature bold geometric patterns, each in a unique and vibrant way. The Nikki Chu comic diamond pillow is made up of an African inspired print, in a monochromatic color palette. While the Paloma pillow, inspired by Picasso’s work, uses shapes to create the image of a face, with bright and colorful fabric. Accents such as these can be a fun and versatile way to change up a space.

Sister Cities Wallpaper Collection – Grow House Grow
Grow House Grow, led by designer Katie Deedy, produces, “Narrative-inspired pattern work.” Their custom wallpapers feature unique patterns that are inspired by personal stories and shared experiences. The Sister Cities Collection takes the shapes and patterns unique to two different cities, and pairs them in a cohesive and uniform design.

2019 Collection – Noir Furniture
The year’s collection from Noir Furniture features a wide range of furniture and lighting products. The company takes a more minimalist approach to geometric shapes, making it a smart choice for subtle incorporation of mathematical precision in a room.

Tangram Tiles – Hastings Tile & Bath
Getting its name from the popular puzzle, the Tangram series perfectly encapsulates the balance between geometry and design. Each tile in the Tangram series by Atelier is made up of seemingly random slashes, breaking the square into multicolored shapes. The result is a different design with each use, as there’s no right or wrong way to mix and match these tiles.

Kimora Bud Floor Vase, Orange & BlackSabryn Tall Floor Vase, Natural & Black
Vases – Lulu & Georgia
Both the Kimora and the Sabryn floor vases share similar makeups in both design and materials. Merging contemporary and bohemian styles, each vase pairs modern geometric shapes with natural woven bamboo and papyrus. As an accent piece, these vases are both stylish and functional.

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