ASPIRE Archetype Gergana Gonzalez Pulido Shares Her Favorite Office Furniture

Co-founder, COO and Design Director of Interiors at FGP Atelier, Gergana Gonzalez Pulido, takes an architectural approach to interiors, strengthening the dialogue between the inner and the outer experience of a building. She brings an approach to design that is authentic, essential beauty, flexible and timeless.

For the ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME Winter issue, we talked to Gergana about her favorite double-duty office furniture. Check out her picks below, and get your copy of the issue, on newsstands today.

Tolomeo Basculante | “Possibly the most versatile light fixture out there! In different sizes from micro to mega, different colors and finishes, mounted on the wall, hanging from the ceiling, clipped to a piece of furniture, just standing on a tabletop or directly on the floor… even an outdoor model is available. Timeless design paired with great functionality, the Tolomeo light is a great addition for your desk in the office or your night table at your home.”

Eames Molded Plastic Chair | “A classic from 1950 that has proven its timelessness in terms of design and functionality. A comfortable chair around the meeting table in the office or around the dining table at home, in multiple colors, upholstered or not, as a side chair or armchair and with a variety of base options. The Eames Molded Plastic Chair even comes in a variation as a stacking chair which can be a great feature for both the office and the home when a space needs to be transformed quickly.”

Oak Ping Pong Table | “A quick ping pong session at home or in the office can be a great stress reliever. This solid oak table with cast-iron base is not your typical table tennis variety for the basement game room. But by far its greatest feature is not listed in the product description: by removing the leather net attached with cast-iron clamps, this ping pong table can be easily transformed into a fantastic meeting, working or dining table for the office or the home, that comfortably seats up to 10 people.”

Kartell Cart | “This piece is so versatile. We use it in our office daily; it serves as a mobile trolley with paper and pens and rolls around our main meeting table. When we have office lunches, consultant and client meetings it easily transforms into a station with water, coffee and snacks that is loaded in the office kitchen and then rolled to where it needs to be. I can see this folding trolley being equally functional at home, when entertaining guests in the living area or as a mobile support surface next to the main dining table. It can be folded and stowed away when not in use; this is a great feature especially in smaller homes.”

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