Giuliano Bekor Turns Cancer Into Art for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

giuliano bekor

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Artist & Fashion Photographer Giuliano Bekor presents TRANSCENDENCE, a collection of fine art photography benefiting the Foundation for Living Beauty and drawing inspiration from their mission to Educate, Uplift and Empower women along their cancer journeys 

TRANSCENDENCE is a collection of limited edition, powerful, fine art photography that highlights the courage of female cancer survivors as seen through the eyes of photographer Giuliano Bekor, paying tribute to the body’s power to heal, renew and “transcend” into a state of harmony and bliss. Blending the profound mission embodied by the Foundation for Living Beauty with his visionary techniques, Giuliano Bekor projects real breast cancer cells onto the body of his models, challenging viewers to overcome social taboos attached to the disease.

giuliano bekor

“The collection brings a sense of universality, emphasizing the progression of self through concept and color. It shows the surpassing of inner battles and the transition into a higher and limitless state. The idea is to capture evolutions on a cellular level, using the body as a canvas to project its wonders and the beauty found within. Analyzing the entire collection, one comes across frequent states of duality, mirrored bodies, different hypostasis of the breast, and the “kiss of life.” Each key element is a messenger, revealing our ability to transcend the limitations of the physical realm” Says Giuliano Bekor.

Celebrated American Art Critic Peter Frank reflects on Giuliano Bekor’s TRANSCENDENCE collection and writes:
“What if we could turn pain and deformity into beauty and delight? The quest to do just that – to take the body’s wounds and failures and turn them, without perversity, into glorious apparition – drives the series of photographs Giuliano Bekor has titled “Transcendence.” Peter Frank

Bekor will reveal his powerful collection of photography through an exhibit curated in collaboration of Wendy Posner of Posner Fine Arts, open to the public starting from October 24th, 2018 and housed at the renowned art and design gallery Leclaireur Los Angeles, located in the heart of the West Hollywood Design District, Los Angeles. Staying true to her family’s reputation as ‘avant gardists’ for an early adoption of brands like Dries Van Noten, Maison Martin Margiela and Comme des Garcons in their European locations, Leclaireur LA’s Founder Meryl Hadida-Shabani has been showcasing Giuliano Bekor’s Art since the gallery’s opening in 2016.


Prior to the official unveiling to the public, TRANSCENDENCE will be privately showcased to a select group of renowned art collectors, celebrity supporters and social influencers through a dinner hosted by the Foundation at Leclaireur Los Angeles. Roman Michelin Starred-Chef Cristina Bowerman will be curating a menu for this occasion that is meant to ‘transcend’ guests to Rome for one night only as they discover the art.

The collection will subsequently be celebrated through a ticketed Gala and Cocktail Party on October 23rd. Ticket sale benefits the Foundation For Living Beauty, Tickets can be found with limited availability of the Foundation’s official website here.

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