Goodwill: Doggone Pretty

susan_bbcposteruntitled-2Right out of Richmond, VA, Bridget Beari Designs rocked the paint world in 2016 and is now rolling out stylish new wallcoverings for Fall 2016.

What you might know about Susan Jamieson’s line of Bridget Beari Designs is that the paints and papers are carefully curated so that you’re not faced with an overwhelming chart to choose from.

What you might not know is the pet-friendly story behind the product names, including Bridget Beari itself.

“We are very much into dog rescue, and a portion of our sales of paper and paint go to that cause,” says Jamieson.

Bridget and Beari were two Chinese Shar-Peis who made themselves at home in the office years back (with approval from the boss, of course). Now that they’re gone, new dogs and cats feel the love, and all chic wallpaper and paint shades are named after dogs, horses, birds, cats or other pets belonging to customers and friends – hence, “Wagging White” paint and “Winky” wallpaper.

Still, while the names are inspired by animals, the patterns are not. The striking blue and yellow “Wah Wah” design, with details that look like jacks from the children’s game, was sparked by a gate Jamieson saw and sketched in her travels to Chicago.

The beautiful yellow “Roux” has a backstory too. “That idea came from lace on a dress I saw in a runway show in New York,” explains Jamieson. It’s coming out soon in a silvery “Bling Bling” variation on metallic base paper. Speaking of which, all Bridget Beari Papers can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, except for the metallics. So if you and your pooch have a taste for bling, make sure she keeps her paws out of the garden and off the wall.

Bridget Beari Papers are sold online to the trade through Bradley USA.

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