Designer Friday: Hariri & Hariri Architecture

The façade pattern is derived from a Mandala, the Persian belief that intersection between circle and a square is the geometric manifestation of paradise. What makes this 12-story office tower iconic is its double skin exterior with LED backlights and innovative geometric architecture. This Tehran office building is a balance between cultural and contemporary identity.

Carved into an Austrian mountainside, “The Jewels of Salzburg” serves as an outstanding 21st-century residential development in the historic city of Salzburg. Reflection, asymmetry, and a crystal clear canal make it a meditative architectural wonder.

This Friday Andrew Joseph has the pleasure of sitting down with brilliant and radiant beauty Gisue Hariri. Her firm, HARIRI & HARIRI Architecture, has been touted as one of the most progressive firms of our generation. For nearly three decades, the firm has imbued conceptual, residential, commercial and institutional projects with its own unique brand of sensual modernism.

Andrew Joseph – What’s your wakeup ritual?
Gisue Hariri – I wake up around 7:30 a.m. and start my day by slipping into a silk Kimono and drinking coffee in my kitchen, while reading the newspaper. I then go for a walk around Central Park. For me, mornings are meant for quiet reflection, gratitude, and meditation.

Andrew – Vintage or new?
Gisue – New! I love being on the precipice of new design, new thought processes, new innovations. The future inspires me! Although I do love a good deal — and a good sale!

Andrew – Who do you want to write your obituary?
Gisue – My Daughter and want her to say that I was a pioneer when it came to converging beauty with functionality. That I challenged the status quo and that I fought alongside my sisters for women’s rights all my life.

This sitting room with a fireplace doubles the main living room in space. The fireplace wall is freestanding in undulating limestone offering warmth, tactility and essence to the room. Surrounded by contemporary art, the place is filled with creative energy.

Andrew – What are three things you can’t live without?
Gisue – My phone (I can’t help it, I’m addicted! Facebook is a hobby for me), my family (my two girls mean the world to me), and my imagination (which allows me to build a world within the confines of my mind). Oh, and my measuring tape!

Andrew – What’s your biggest fear in life?
Gisue – Leaving no legacy behind. Losing my family. And tiny, dirty, poorly-designed bathrooms.

Andrew – What’s your current TV obsession?
Gisue – It was homeland, but it’s not on the air anymore! I used to watch it every week with my husband. For now, I just watch CNN and scream at the TV when they show Trump giving his “Alternative truth” to the nation!

Andrew – How would you define your work in three words?
Gisue – Organic. Dynamic. Revolutionary. Do I have to pick just 3?

The Contemporary Muslim Fashions exhibition design at the DeYoung Museum explores the interplay between the seen and unseen, the idea of being covered and protected, and contemporary and fashionable at the same time. This dark, veiled, un-penetrable environment to the outsiders becomes the existing walls of the galleries that have been painted black. Upon entry, you will experience and are introduced to a completely different and new world that is sensual, powerful, and modern.

Andrew – Favorite piece of clothing you own?
Gisue – This is tough, but I never go anywhere without my “Girl Power” pin! And Issey Miyake Folded Origami shirt made of recycled Plastic bottles.

Andrew – If you had one more hour in the day what would you do with it?
Gisue – Spend time with my fabulous daughters. They are growing up so fast. That, and exercise!

Andrew – What is one Instagram account you can’t live without?
Gisue – My daughter, Iman! She’s a writer and editor. I love reading her work and keeping up with her life. Plus, she’s got style. @ImanHaririKia

The Hamptons meets The Hills in this L-shaped ranch on Long Island. Both inviting and elite, the home is a minimalist structure surrounded by untouched landscape and surrounded by forest. A private pool area adds to the residence’s allure. This private pool area acts similar to some beaches in the area, where the beach becomes a stage for exhibitionism and spectator-ship by parading bodies.

About Hariri & Hariri | Hariri & Hariri Architecture is a New York-based multi-disciplinary architecture and design firm established in 1986 by Iranian-born Cornell-educated sisters Gisue Hariri and Mojgan Hariri. Today, they are celebrated as two of the most accomplished women in American architecture & design and are described by critics as one of the most progressive and out-of-the-box firms currently working in the United States. Their projects run the gamut from luxury residential developments and hotels to bathroom accessories to single-family houses to high-concept, high-tech experiments. For the Hariri’s, design is a holistic, boundary-less enterprise ranging from master-planning and architecture to interior design, furniture, lighting, product design and jewelry.

About Andrew Joseph – Andrew Joseph’s passion for design and rich journalistic history led to the launch of his boutique PR firm in 2012. Prior to enjoying the successes of Andrew Joseph PR, Andrew honed his editorial skills at Vanity Fair and Allure. This experience, as well as the strong network of contacts developed over the years in public relations, brings a valuable edge to his new role as contributing editor. Let the musing begin.

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