Hello Wood’s Innovative Cabin Recognized For Its Complex Ingenuity

The WorkStation, Hello Wood Studio’s iconic cabin product, was selected as one of the winners of the ICONIC Awards 2021- organized by the German Design Council – that recognizes the most innovative buildings in the world. The appreciation of the WorkStation cabin indicates the significance of the architectural approach that does not focus on the grandiosity of the space but is interested in the complex space experience realized on limited floor area, the practicality of the living space, and the sustainability of the building.

When designing the WorkStation cabin, Hello Wood aimed to create a quality space that, despite its size, is liveable and comfortable as well as highly functional due to its well-thought-out complexity. The sound and heat-insulated walls encase 8 sqm space that can be used as an extra “room” or even as a stand-alone tiny house. Thanks to its clever structure, the cabin can be set up quickly and easily at the end of the garden, or on an empty plot, on the waterfront, or in the yard of an office building (or even inside it). From the very beginning, Hello Wood believed that the WorkStation cabin would inspire future owners to implement their own ideas within it.

The first WorkStation cabins were designed to be comfortable meeting and working rooms for up to 6 people, but the polygonal shape had even more potential. Since then the GameStation version has been built: a cushioned nook for kids where the outward-leaning walls function as comfortable backrests while playing video games or watching movies.

WorkStations are also excellent accommodations – the cabins built in the Hungarian countryside this summer function perfectly as ‘hotel rooms’ thanks to the custom equipment. Moreover, Hello Wood is already designing the metal-covered, futuristic CyberStation and SaunaStation, which, as the name implies, will be an outdoor sauna.

“Thanks to the product development that reflects the needs of customers, the ready-to-assemble version of our futuristic capsule can now be delivered beyond Europe, too. Based on this year’s results, our numbered design product will be able to be built in nearly a hundred locations in 2022,” says András Huszár, CEO of Hello Wood.

On top of the recent international award, Hello Wood is in the midst of exciting times. The studio – previously known for its installations – is going through a large-scale change.

“In addition to expanding beyond the border and currently preparing several projects abroad, we have more larger-scale projects in Hungary than ever before. The construction plans of our exciting canopy walkway have been completed and we have just been commissioned to design and build a multi-story car park made of CLT. What I am most proud of is the glamping resort accommodation designed and operated by us on our 5-hectare plot in the Balaton region which we will open this year” summarizes Krisztián Tóth, chairman of Hello Wood Zrt.

In the future, Hello Wood plans to move even more toward large-scale assignments as a “design and build” architectural firm that brings projects from initial concept plans to full execution.

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