Your Home Gym, Underwater

Wellness enthusiasts looking to carve out time for a daily workout and bring hydrotherapy to their lives will enjoy this new line of aquatic fitness systems; visually stunning and purposely designed to help any level of user meet their fitness goals, all in the comfort of their own home.

Ocean Spray has introduced Endless Pools Fitness Systems to Long Island representing a next generation in technology, design and wellness. The focus is on providing the best multi-functional exercise and therapeutic motions, utilizing warm water to negate gravity, force and weight onto body joints. Experts believe that the buoyancy of water can reduce impact on your joints by up to 85%. Aquatic immersion will also increase the supply of oxygen to muscles, blood flow to the brain, increase energy expenditure and caloric burn, improve vascular function and enhance bone formation. The benefits are of water immersion are endless.

EP Fitness Systems combine the revolutionary Endless Pools swim-in-place wave propulsion machine with an optional underwater treadmill, rowing and strength-training accessories plus relaxing spa seats and hydro-massage jets, all inside a portable spa unit. Released in January, 2016 this new product is the only swim-spa on the market with the built-in treadmill option. Aesthetics were designed by BMW’s Designworks Company. This a premiere product of both form and function, transforming a backyard patio into an oasis of exercise, training, relaxation and family fun. This is a home gym, under water; replacing lines at the gym, public swimming pools, physical therapy appointments and more.

Targeted consumer groups are health and wellness minded, weight loss/maintenance, disabled/physical therapy/pain and PTSD management, retirees, athletes, swimmers, families. The unit is portable, not requiring building permits and breaking ground, as with traditional swimming pools and is considered a hot tub/spa. Heated and self-contained, the EP unit can be used year round.

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