How To Make Your Small Yard Give A Big Impression

A garden has the power to either make your house look welcoming and inviting or just make someone walk right past it without looking twice. That’s why it is important to add appeal and make it beautiful with a few simple touches. Turning your yard into a sight for sore eyes is possible with the tips we’ll be sharing with you.

Create levels

One of the things about using different levels is that it gives you more room to not only make your garden stand out, but also to make use of more space and make it seem a lot bigger than it actually is. With different levels, you can divide plants amongst the levels according to how they grow, with the ones that spread out at the top and pots of flowers at the very bottom. Making use of the entire space can also mean that you’re able to fit in the items you want, like hanging chairs, swings or hammocks, without making the space feel overcrowded. There’s always something so magical about hanging items that make a solid statement.

Take care of your lawn

Ensuring that your soil is healthy and keeping pests away from your plants are some of the first steps to making your lawn look attractive and therefore leave a good impression. We’ve taken some expert advice from Matt from, and he explained that applying chemical products to your turf, trees, and yard will help guarantee that your garden is free of insects, that your soil is rich and that your plants will grow healthy. One of the most awesome tools that can be used to get these results efficiently is a backpack sprayer, which can help you maneuver through your garden without worrying about how to carry it and spray at the same time.

Use color to make your lawn seem bigger

Lighter shades of color have always had the ability to make space appear to be bigger. That’s why using light-colored paint as well as pale flowers around the borders will make the lawn borders add more depth and enhance the overall appearance. It is also better to stay away from darker or hot colors in terms of paint and flowers, as they tend to react in the exact opposite way. However, when it comes to bright yellow and orange flowers such as sunflowers, it is best to place them in the center to attract focus to that point as they draw attention to one’s eyes. It’s all about where you position your colors to give the statement you want in terms of appearance.

Use your barriers effectively

Just because the borders of your yard make it feel small, it doesn’t mean you can’t use them, too. Consider transforming your wall into a live planting area by filling it up with plants that flow vertically and grow across the entire wall. This idea not only creates a focal point that takes away from the overall space and its size, but also gives a contemporary style and impression that adds style, depth, and design to your lawn as well as freeing up space on the floors for you to place your furniture.

Use cushions and bean bags

If you don’t have enough room for outdoor furniture, you can go for items that can be used as seating areas instead. Items such as cushions, rugs, or bean bags can easily be placed against the wall or in a corner and can be scattered across the garden when you or your guests would like to enjoy its peace and serenity. This can also be used to give a relaxing, boho vibe that adds style to your overall look, especially if they come in distinct colors or patterns that will make them super attractive in any garden.

Go big

Most people tend to think that when they have a small yard, they should buy items that are smaller in size in order to have enough space for all the objects they want to include in their garden. However, using lots of small items only makes the space seem more crowded, which results in making it seem even smaller than it actually is. So, if you’re looking to enhance the space and leave a big impression, then it’s time to go big. This can be done by placing oversized pots of flowers and choosing plants that blossom into large flowers or even small trees that will also take up space, but will give the impression that the yard is larger than it appears to be. Having huge placements of vibrant color across your garden will be exactly what it needs to give the impression you’re looking for.

Add mirrors

It may seem quite odd to have a mirror in the garden, but they not only add a super stylish look overall, but they are also extremely practical as they tend to reflect the light and create the illusion of more space—when in reality, it is only the reflection of what already exists. You can use them as accessories on your columns or as stripes on the walls to give depth as well architectural features to your yard.

Play with perspective

You can easily give the illusion that your garden is bigger just by playing with perspective. Depending on the size and shape of your yard, you can try and trick the eye into viewing the space differently. That means that if it’s long and narrow, you can add focal points that attract the eye instead of viewing it as one straight line. This can be done by adding a water fountain to the side as well as different levels of large pots filled with bright-colored flowers to the other side placed in a three-point position.

Just because you have a small yard, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it give the impression you desire. Using these tips and tricks, you can make your garden the focal point of your house and ensure that it’s not only attractive but also appears to be larger than its actual size.

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