Inspired In Paris: MAISON & OBJET

So I went to Maison & Objet, the biannual lifestyle, furnishings and accessories market in Paris, and I came back to New York having a love affair with Paris. It’s funny how these things happen. Maison & Objet is heaven to interior designers, as they are inspired, make new connections and shop for their clients. I am not an interior designer, I am a publicist, however, I traveled with designers from the ASID NY Metro chapter. My perspective of the show was different than the designers and quite frankly, my appreciation of Paris before this trip was, sadly, zero. But quickly, my American self surely can share some zen space with my newly acquired Parisian essence.

But let’s discuss Maison & Objet. Held in Paris Nord Villepinte, a place that I can describe to New Yorkers as a super-sized Javits, this goliath space is bustling with European designers who seemingly use Maison as a “wow, shit-is-getting-real” space to showcase their goods. They have “arrived.” This arena, broken down into 10 sectors begs for 2 full days at the very least, depending on what you want to see. There is a lot to see from linens to home fragrances to home accessories to crafts and art, and the list goes on.

I spent most of my time in the home accessories and craft sectors. Here, I met craftsmen from Denmark, artists from Italy, linen companies from Sweden and a booth titled “Made In Ireland” that cleverly procured 5 or 6 different artisans and they all shared a small portion of the booth, amortizing the cost for them. Good work, Ireland! The tableware and ceramics were so authentically done that you can almost see the artist at the pottery wheel in your head as you touch a vessel. I am drawn to organic styles with texture and I was pleasantly greeted with an abundance of just that. It was a feast on my senses!

If you know me you know that anything animal related has a special place in my heart. I found a Sweedish artist named Charlotte Nicolin and her work is a true homage to nature. Her pen strokes tell a story and I was compelled to buy a laminated beechwood tray with her artwork on it. I chose the hedgehog because his sweet eyes spoke to me.

Moving on, the aisles were spacious, the people were friendly and I found myself peacefully lost in the beauty of the European companies eager to introduce their products to the market. It felt different. Not just because of the plethora of languages that were being spoken, however. I was experiencing inspiration overload. And you know what? It was a very good thing. Certainly, I could have spent countless more hours wandering aimlessly appreciating the creative juices that were flowing in Maison & Objet. As my time came to an end at this show I felt that I was not finished. Next time I need more time. Noted.

Back to Paris….via the tube. The beauty of the city took my breath away. The architecture, the narrow streets, the outdoor cafes with heat lamps, the flower shops, the balconies outside every window……and the doors. The doors in Paris are beautiful. It’s the perfect city to fall in love with. Merci Paris. Merci Maison & Objet.

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