Italian Style

The Neocolibri collection from Sicis includes more than 200 colors, enabling the creation of mosaic murals depicting flora, fauna, and everything in between.

Glamorous poolside retreats prove the Italian penchant for luxury plays as well in the great outdoors as it does on the runway.

Think of Italy and thoughts of luxury and design are not far behind. The country’s influence on art, design and architecture is palpable all around the globe and certainly here in the states where we consistently turn eyes to our European friends for inspiration in style of all kinds.

Well-known luxury brand names like Gucci, Prada, and Armani are as closely related with this region as handmade pasta and the Tower of Pisa but, in the world of interiors (and exteriors), there is a bevy of fashionable companies sure to establish a following of their own.

Pavers from Caesar Aextra create a magical poolside experience.

Florals, clouds, geometrics, ombre effects; the possibilities are as endless as one’s imagination and have the ability to significantly alter a poolside experience. A rich, jewel-toned mosaic will glow with luxury day and night, bright hues will take swimmers to the tropics, metallics will sparkle with elegance, and a spectrum of blues will mimic waters of far off seas. The space may be contained but, with a rainbow of mosaics in hand, the creative opportunities know no bounds.

The LASTRA porcelain tile collection from Atlas Concorde includes features like trim pieces with built-in drains designed specifically for poolside decking.

Beyond the stunning mosaics that will transform a pool’s interior surfaces are increasing options for the surrounding areas that are a far cry from concrete. Textured surfaces, decorative trims, large format tiles and perfected path stones are paving the way for pool and spa areas that are attractive at every turn and offer luxury whether submerged in decorative waters or relaxing beside them.

As designing eyes turn to interiors that are more personal, less cookie-cutter, such creative materials allow that customization to continue into the outdoors. Whether it’s a 5-star resort or one’s own backyard, a space should have a personality unto its own and the latest Italian tiles can take the depths of any water feature to new heights.

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