Shortlisted Candidates for the Italian Way Product Design Award 2018

WHAT: The deadline for submitting designs for The Italian Way Product design Award 2018 has passed and the five finalists and their best designs are announced
VENUE: Molecule, Building 6 at Dubai District Design
DATE: Wednesday 14th November 2018

CAVERO by Ivan Parati CAVERO by Ivan Parati; Finalist

As we slowly approach the month of November, preparations for the award ceremony are underway. Peroni Nastro Azzurro is launching the second edition of The Italian Way Product Design Award. The contest challenged the region’s most creative minds to submit a design that embodies the spirit of conviviality and explores a range of products from modular pieces to imaginative everyday tools. Entrants to the competition were tasked to design an object of any scale inspired by traditional crafts and Italian style, that blends with Arab culture and would work for the outdoors.

After a successful first event last year when they received numerous submissions, the award has paved way for even more established and budding product designers from the United Arab Emirates to take part in the competition.

Historically, Peroni Nastro Azzurro has always been linked to design, including fashion collaborations with Vogue Italia and Antoni Berardi, and product design with Alessi, so launching this emerging talent competition in the United Arab Emirates was a natural next step for the brand in the region.

The shortlisted candidates for this year include Elizabeth Valkovics, Ammar Kalo, Joud Malhas, Ruchi Joshi, and design collective Caravan, which comprises Ivan Parati, Emanuela Corti, and Filippo Corrado.

Shams Lounger by Elizabeth Valkovics; Finalist

Elizabeth Valkovics, an interior designer who has experience from completing projects in Baku, Dubai, and Bangkok, and has created the ‘Shams Lounger’. The outdoor lounge reflects the Italian attitude of effortless style and combines it with Arabian hospitality, which is deeply linked to nature and informality.

Ammar Kalo, is an Assistant Professor at the University of Sharjah, where he received undergraduate education, before going to the University of Michigan to receive a Master’s Degree in the Science of Architecture. His design, the ‘Jalsa’ is a result of inspiration from traditional Arabic Majlis seating. It imitates a similar comfort with its cushions, but its distinct design tells a story of Italian elegance.

Because of her passion for Art, Joud Malhas has a multifaceted career in design; whether it’s architecture, spatial or furniture design – she’s done it all. For her, Italian design shows amazing craftsmanship, functionality, and an effortless style. She wanted to converge this with the relaxed and casual theme of Arabic gatherings. Thus, she created her hybrid piece, “the Italian Majlis”.

Ruchi Joshi holds over seven years of experience in the field and studied design from Gujrat University. The Indian-born designer was motivated to create a combination of Arabic language and Western cultures. Her “BiForm” holds the theme of migration and a perfect embodiment of it would be conventional tents. These are highly practical, and the realism and flexibility make it ideal.

Ivan Parati has displayed interest in all fields of design, whether it’s product design, interior architecture or the visual arts. An industrial designer by profession, he continues to lean towards new opportunities to express creativity. Italian designer Emanuela Corti holds experience in textile and furniture design. Her multidisciplinary skillset is what helps her teach courses at the Ajman University of Science and Technology. Interior and product designer Filippo Corrado studied from Accademia di Brera in Milan and used a variety of design techniques. While still new to the region’s design scene, he shows amazing potential, which is proven by his contribution to designing “Cavero”. Together, the Caravan design collective created the Cavero, add the Arabic detailing of hospitality through things like coffee, charcoal, and a fire pit. The fire pit, which plays a role in Italian culture as well, is exhibited as the informal centerpiece, which brings together family and friends to share stories.

Aside from the exhibition of the finalist’s designsthat will be on display at Molecule in the Dubai Design District during Dubai Design Week, and the exclusive award party, this year’s contestants have more to look forward to. This year’s addition is the new prize ‘People’s Choice Award’; design enthusiasts and experts can vote for their favorite design through Instagram (@theitalianwayuea), giving all the contestants an equal chance of winning and gaining exposure.

The designs will be judged by an International panel of industry experts including Roberto Palomba; from Palomba Serafini Associati, Andrea Sanguineti of Alias, Giulia Fiumi; from Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Andrea Sensoli; from SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*, Matteo Bernocchi; from H&H Investment Group, Alessandra Misuri; Professor Interior Design at the University of Abu Dhabi, Fadi Sarieddine; from Fadi Sarieddine Studio, and Maja Kozel; from Maja Kozel Design.

The winner will be approached by Alias; one of the most consolidated names of Italian design, to realize a prototype of their design.

The awards event will take place during Dubai Design Week; on November 14th at Molecule in the Dubai Design District.

Members of the region’s design community are looking forward to the event as an opportunity to network, connect and discover the region’s talent. A prominent event, celebrating design and Italian style attended by internationally known figures, creative designers and experts from the region.

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