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[nggallery id=99 template=”sliderview” display_content=”0”] Prior to the opening of Belle Mont Farm on Kittitian Hill, the hotel options on St. Kitts were either graceful plantation homes that had been converted into small inns or newer hotels that sacrificed charm for convenience. This getaway bridges that gap.

Designed by Bangkok-based architect Bill Bensley, whose other projects include the Four Seasons on Koh Samui, Belle Mont Farm blends architectural elements of Caribbean style in its stand-alone chattel guest houses, which have traditional A-line roofs, as well as private pools and outdoor clawfoot tubs.

Equally important, the resort commits to sustainability. Belle Mont Farm’s founder, Val Kempadoo, envisioned the resort to be as self-sufficient as possible. Just about everything on the 400-acre property is edible, including the golf course, which is mowed by goats. Fruit trees line crisscrossing paths, and signs saying “pick me” encourage guests to help themselves to more than 100 varieties of mangoes and avocados.

While most Caribbean resort owners import nearly all of their food, those at Belle Mont Farm grow organic produce on the property; about 90 percent of the fruits and vegetables used in the hotel’s restaurants are grown onsite or come from a local farm. Guests will feel a connection to the farm every day, starting with the crate of bananas, pineapples, carambola (star fruit) and papaya that is delivered to each guest room every morning. The vegetables are the star attraction of main dishes, including freshly picked garden greens and roasted carrots. Guests can choose to dine at a 30-foot-long communal table set in the middle of the farm’s fields. Rates start at $700 per night.

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