New York City Prewar Penthouse

London Terrace Towers Penthouse 410 W 24th St, NY, NY | Original Architect: Farrar & Watmough | Restoration Architect and Interior Designer: Mark Janson of Janson Goldstein

Rare and rarified: it’s a combination that’s the design equivalent of seeing a unicorn in Manhattan, especially when it comes to penthouse living. An expansive apartment in Chelsea’s landmarked icon, London Terrace Towers, is a bespoke residence awash in sunlight and couture finishes. Tucked under 11 foot ceilings, the penthouse is surrounded by terracing on three sides, affording magnificent unencumbered views of the New York skyline.

“Mark Janson of Janson Goldstein designed the interior spaces,” notes listing agent Jordan Shea. “He understands flow in a unique way that other architects and designers do not. It’s incredible to walk through this apartment; every room has a unique purpose and the flow is effortless.”

Glass walls and doors enclose the interior while offering some of the city’s most panoramic gathering areas both inside and out. “It’s really 2 apartments in one; there are 15 casement doors, so the terraces can be accessed from every room, even one of the bathrooms,” Shea says.

Once the doors are closed, it’s “a different, more intimate experience,” adds Shea. He marvels that the views of everything from the Empire State Building to the Hudson River are unmatched. “Prewar towers like the London Terrace are higher than other buildings in the neighborhood, so the views are naturally more open.

“Early 20th-century details like a fireplace clad in charcoal marble, fumed oak flooring arranged in a herringbone pattern and exquisitely-designed marble baths distinguish this penthouse,” Shea continues. “Everyone knows there are a ton of penthouse apartments for sale in New York City, but most are boring white boxes with no character. This home is for someone who appreciates the grandeur of the space, the heritage of the building and the prewar architecture.”

Summing it up, Shea believes the customized approach to design makes this remarkable penthouse a crown jewel in a crowded marketplace. “It’s like the difference between buying a suit off the rack or buying a suit on Saville Row,” he concludes.

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Photography Courtesy of Tim Waltman and Evan Joseph Photography.

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