Michael Buono: Luxury is in the Details

From residential to retail and hotels to the hottest lounges, today’s design aesthetic can be summed up in three words – streamlined, sustainable, and unexpected.

For Michael Buono, principal and CEO of Manhattan-based Mulberry Development, the creation of spaces with welcoming details and high touch elements is paramount. Together with his team, Michael applies the same principles across sectors, with luxury and purpose always at the foundation.

Michael Buono – There purposing of elements, items, and materials in unexpected ways to evoke interest and emotion.
Alan Tanksley, Woolworth – Alan Tanksley leaves his mark on this Woolworth Tower penthouse by infusing elements of modern design (impressionist paintings, a geometric chandelier) with sophisticated New York style (a pedestaled Renaissance figurine, a polished grand piano), giving it elements from both sides of the New York design scene.

Michael Buono – The creation of areas and experiences that are beyond “BTDT” (been there done that) with cozy nooks that spark online engagement and foster off-line conversations.
House of Funk, Carter Contemporary – Making the most of a vaulted window seat, Sandra Funk creates a perfect kids’ hangout, complete with an upholstered window cushion, fun polka-dot pillows, and a fan-favorite woven hanging chair.

Michael Buono – Incorporation of materials that have a high design- and a low environmental-impact.
Alan Tanksley, Dayton – This contemporary lodge designed by architect James Dayton and decorated by Alan Tanksley creates a sweeping, dimly lit hearth setting using carefully selected eco-conscious woods and ethically mined slate.

Michael Buono – The infusion and celebration of multiple cultures and globally sourced pieces all within a single space.
Pagoda Red, Showroom – The Pagoda Red Chinese antique showroom in Chicago sources Asian art from many eras in history. Using a single item from the Pagoda Red collection brings years of culture and layers of inspiration to any designers’ space.

Michael Buono – Within the hospitality sector, the curation of spaces with welcoming details and high-touch elements that mimic the most luxurious spaces in a personal home.
Boston Design Center, Chickadee – (Photo Cred Kristin Teig Photo) Chickadee Restaurant, the recent addition to Boston’s Innovation and Design Building, embraces community and culture through its interior. Modern carpeting, potted greenery in the lobby and tables, and warm lighting allow diners to feel at home, while upscale plates and craft drinks remind them that this isn’t your auntie’s dining room.

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