Maker Monday: Paddy Pike

London boy Paddy Pike is known by most for his wildly popular Instagram page, PaddyDesigns, but his spectacular feed is only the beginning. Originally created to showcase some of the designers Pike admires most in the industry, what was once a page of other people’s avant-garde masterpieces now features designs by Paddy himself, who has begun a bespoke furniture line of quirky, outside the box pieces. One of his most memorable is the topographic Island Cabinet, a seemingly ordinary cabinet with unordinary sleek black 3-D mountains uplifted from its surface. There is no denying Paddy’s eye for design- as one of the biggest design bloggers of the past few years, he has used his following to show the world that decor doesn’t have to be traditional or tame to be timeless.

Topped with handcrafted mountains, the Island Cabinet is an exciting twist on the typical.

Andrew Joseph: How do you maintain a work/life balance?

Paddy Pike: Efficiency and organisation are vital to getting the right balance, I’m meticulous about both of these in all aspects of my life. On top of that you have to learn to switch off when it’s time to chill, this is probably the most challenging part.

Andrew: What modern design trend makes you cringe?

Paddy: Pretty much all of them, I try my best to ignore trends and just do what’s right for the specific project or client. On a side note, I’ve been irritated recently by people making furniture from a ‘new’ material for the sake of it. Old materials are great too, let’s make good furniture, not just stuff that catches the headlines.

Andrew: Dream country to work in? Or dream project to take on.

Paddy: Building my own house in India. The people and the culture play on my heartstrings…my rug maker from Varanasi has become one of my closest friends.

Andrew: Style (or design) icon?

Paddy: Vincenzo de Cotiis

Andrew: What are three things you can’t live without?

Paddy: Elvis Presley, pancakes & furniture.

Andrew: What’s one ingredient you put in everything?

Paddy: Feta

The silk Carlos rug, named for geometric designer Carlo Scarpa, is Pike’s ode to the late architect.

Andrew: What’s your current TV obsession?

Paddy: Anything David Attenborough narrates.

Andrew: Secret talent?

Paddy: I’m an amateur musician and released a couple of songs earlier this year.

Andrew: Most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life?

Paddy: Drop out of university with no job.

Andrew: Favorite bad movie?

Paddy: John Tucker Must Die

Andrew: How would you define your work in three words?

Paddy: Comfortable, Elegant, Balanced.

Andrew: What would you like to be remembered for?

Paddy: Writing nice songs and making beautiful furniture and interiors.

Andrew: A skill you’re working on mastering?

Paddy: I’ve started learning Hindi…it’s really hard.

Andrew: Song you can listen to on repeat?

Paddy: Sam Cooke – Bring It On Home To Me. I found this song the other day and can’t stop playing it.

About The Designer | Paddy Pike started his venture into the furniture world in 2014, when he began curating furniture on his Instagram account, which currently has over 120k followers (@paddy.designs). He now lives and works in London, where he designs bespoke furniture for his clients and also releases furniture for his personal collection. Paddy is massively involved in many areas of the industry, including designing, photography, project management and PR, as seen on his website.

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