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Sandra EspinetWith a new fabric collection and her book, The Well-Traveled Home, firmly ensconced on some well-traveled coffee tables, designer Sandra Espinet is experiencing a very creative moment.

Designer Sandra Espinet began her education as a fine artist but found her true calling when she turned her discerning eye to the world of interior design. An avid traveler, this colorful designer now transports her clients to places of exploration, relaxation and passion with her interiors.

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“My opinion on art and design changes rapidly, so it’s hard to say exactly what my design philosophy is,” Espinet says. “Each space speaks to me and each client calls for a unique environment. It’s a matter of putting puzzle pieces together and creating a new design with each passing project.”

While most of Espinet’s clients do come to her with an idea of what they would like to see in their homes, the designer considers it her task to elaborate and expand upon those ideas and make them a beautiful, livable reality. At the moment, that finds her largely involved in luxury residential design, an area of work she loves due to the one-on-one client interaction.

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Designer Sandra Espinet

“Residential projects are private and tend to be by nature more personal and more glamorous,” explains the designer. “Commercial projects are for profit and everything needs to have a money-making impact. However, they can be both very cutting edge and very daring. Artwork is usually the deciding factor for me on how wild I can get.”

Her artistic roots came into play when the designer accidentally created a new line of fabrics. The designs that would become her collection for Guildery sprung from a moment of pure, sun-soaked inspiration.

“It all started on a Sunday when I pulled out some watercolors and started to interpret old tile designs, painting them in bright, fun colors,” the designer shares. When she looked at what she had created, she notes, “Light bulbs went off. I had a fabric collection in front of me.”

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