Bespoke And Tailor-Made: See What’s New From Moses Nadel

In 2012, on a visit to a gallery where she was selling her work in Hudson, NY, Lara Nadel came across a series of handbags showcased and was anxious to meet the designer. The following day, a studio visit was the turning point of a lifelong work and business relationship with her now husband, Moses Nadel. Together they decided to hone their skill sets and created the brand; Moses Nadel.

“I chose to name the company Moses Nadel for numerous reasons,” says Lara. “Nadel means needle in German so it couldn’t be more apropos. Moses is a very strong name. I
liked that. Also, I had a deep inclination that soon enough I would be joining the Nadel tribe.”

The couple opened a bespoke makers workshop where they designed and crafted all of their products to order in Bushwick, NY. Recently, they relocated to Sea Cliff, a small coastal town on the north shore of Long Island where they have recreated their atelier with a small team of local artisans who continue to tailor make every item one at a time. “Over the years the brand has matured and evolved in many unexpected ways. We started to work together creating leather and metal accessories and now we specialize in our own branded collection as well as luxury custom home interior products.”

Take a look at some of the artisanal pieces in their newest collection, here:

Vertebrae Tapestry (left) & Range Tapestry (right)

Sized using headboard dimensions, this flexible wall art is handcrafted with a spine in woven black leather on cream and grey felt panels with functional top links designed to be placed on a customizable wooden peg rail.

Mandala Throw

Adorned with hand-punched and sewn applique, this full sheepskin hide can be used as a throw, rug or decorative detail anywhere in the home.

Banded Perisphere

Inspired by geometry and the love of shape and form, the Perisphere can be used as a cushion or plaything. Designed for fun, each 5-sided panel is crafted from select hides of leather and filled with hand-compressed micro-foam.

Hudson Ottoman

The newest addition to Moses Nadel’s ottoman collection, Hudson is crafted with Tibetan lambswool. Designed for seating or as sculptural decor, the Hudson Ottoman exudes luxury.

Ledger Wall Pocket

Luxuriously hide away all your loose ends, from your remote control to your mail, and keys. These sophisticated wall pockets add class and character to any space and help keep clutter away.

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