Poltrona Frau Completes A Turnkey Project In The Palazzo Della Luna

Complemented by sweeping views of the Atlantic, South Beach, Downtown Miami and its tropical surroundings, this turnkey residence in The Palazzo Della Luna was designed by Poltrona Frau. Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, soft neutrals, and Poltrona Frau’s signature leather enhance the space, and work alongside the custom millwork seen throughout.

We spoke with Nicola Coropulis, CEO of Poltrona Frau, and Heinrich Von Hanau, Developer at Fisher Island Holdings LLC, about the design process in completing this turnkey project.

ASPIRE: What led to Poltrona Frau designing this residence?
Coropulis: Poltrona Frau has strong ties to Miami, most recently cemented with the opening of our flagship store in the Design District in 2018, and this was an ideal opportunity to engage with one of the most exceptional communities in the U.S.

ASPIRE: What is so special about Fisher Island in particular, and Palazzo Della Luna?
Von Hanau: Fisher Island is one of the most exclusive private enclaves in the world, only accessible by ferry or personal yacht. It is the ultimate oasis, complete with a school, market, restaurants, world-class tennis courts, spa, hotel and is continually ranked by Bloomberg as the wealthiest zip code in the U.S. As for Palazzo Della Luna, it is the island’s newest boutique condo building, offering its own unique sanctuary within the community. In addition to a sublime portfolio of limited-edition turnkey residences, residents have access to six-star service and various resort-style amenities, including a waterfront lounge with a butler-serviced Aperitivo bar and reading area; a beauty salon and treatment rooms; a residents-only private restaurant, sunset and sunrise pools, 24-hour concierge and more. It is the zenith of bespoke luxury living.

ASPIRE: As the company’s first branded residential interiors project in the U.S., what was the goal when approaching the design of the interiors? Did Poltrona Frau have carte blanche? If not, what was the design directive?
Von Hanau: We tapped Poltrona Frau due to its international appeal and uncompromising artisanship. Along with ensuring that the residence portrayed inimitable style and character, our only other request was that the design be equally timeless, as it is sophisticated. It was our belief that the brand would produce a home just as exquisite as a Maserati – which it did.

ASPIRE: The Palazzo Della Luna was designed by renowned architect Kobi Karp. How did this influence the design choices? What pieces did you employ to highlight the architecture of the building?
Coropulis: Yes, Karp took inspiration from the original development; the Mediterranean Vanderbilt Mansion which was built in 1936. Karp skillfully strikes a balance between Mediterranean charm and contemporary elegance, so we aimed to create an interior that reflects this. We particularly sought low-to-the-ground pieces in the main living spaces that would help the apartment feel relaxed and grounded, and not detract from the stunning surroundings.

ASPIRE: How did you create such beautiful lines of division within an open-concept plan?
Coropulis: The furniture arrangements were carefully thought out to create a seamless flow that’s ideal for avid entertainers. Accent furniture also plays a role, for instance situating a cabinet in between the main living area and the dining space helps visually tie the spaces together. Lighting helps define areas as well. The dining area’s chandelier clearly marks this space and takes advantage of wonderfully high ceilings. Likewise matching floor lamps help frame the main living area in a subtle way.

ASPIRE: Tell us about the residence’s dining room? What drew you to the designs you decided to include, particularly the lighting above the dining table?
Coropulis: Yes the dining room certainly makes a statement, yet it manages to feel intimate because of the scale and size of the Calcutta marble table; it seats eight which is perfect for relaxed gatherings. The Soffi Chandelier which hangs above the table is a brilliant piece by designers GamFratesi. Each bulb is made from hand-blown Venetian glass and is suspended by concentric rings covered in leather. It becomes a work of art that feels dynamic and a tad playful. The dining chairs echo all of these rounded forms as they have a wonderful scroll-like detail on the backs. Overall the dining room balances the very linear bookcase to its left and the sectional to its right.

ASPIRE: The living room exudes a comfortable, bright and airy vibe yet with a high dose of sophistication. How did you accomplish this with color, shapes, layout?
Coropulis: In terms of layout, we have several pieces in play, from small poufs and ottomans to accent tables and the Let it Be sectional sofa. The scale of the sofa is balanced by these smaller arrangements. And nearly all of the pieces are low to the ground which creates a relaxed and informal elegance. The Le Lampade lights add just the right amount of contrast in terms of height but seamlessly blend in because of its beautiful hand-blown glass design.

ASPIRE: Tell us about the design of the sofa and the coffee tables? The linear + geometric approach truly draws the eye.
Coropulis: Roberto and Ludavica Palomba are long-time collaborators with Poltrona Frau and their sofas are a must-have for modern living: they are modular yet welcoming and incredibly flexible with numerous configurations. The Let it Be sofa features down-padded cushions that appear suspended on wide leather straps. This particular configuration offers plenty of seating while its sleek aluminum legs keep the structure visually light. The coffee tables form a trio that helps offset the linear lines of the seating and ties in the marble from the dining table.

ASPIRE: What is the secret to creating a highly saturated seating area (in the alcove behind the main living area) that still appears as a neutral? Can you tell us about your design choices here and the color in particular?
Coropulis: In the second seating area, a slightly richer color palette visually helps the area to recede back into that alcove. By grouping the furnishings in pairs, a set of matching sofas and a set of Archibald lounge chairs, it helps create a more intimate and defined space. The sofas echo the general modularity of the sectional just opposite. The Isidoro bar cabinet in the corner is a beautiful conversation piece as well. It offers a fully functional mini-bar within the frame of a cabinet on wheels and further distinguishes the seating area.

ASPIRE: The library is a bit of a departure from the rest of the residence yet it still feels cohesive. What was the approach to the design of this room?
Coropulis: While traditional libraries are often tucked into small rooms, we wanted to carve out a space that managed to feel intimate and slightly moody and playful. The black oak Lloyd bookcase by Jean-Marie Massaud creates a striking anchor for this space. The accents of bright orange in the shelving help break up the expansive black and the Lepli ottomans in teal also add a touch of color and contrast.

ASPIRE: The leather-upholstered armchairs are stunners, what is particularly special about the leather Poltrona Frau uses?
Coropulis: Yes, the Jay armchair is a contemporary interpretation of a bergère; sleek and sculpted, its organic lines and materials offer a nice contrast to the expansive bookcase. Leather has been our material of choice for over one hundred years; we’ve invested continuous research and time into developing the highest quality leather that’s manipulated by craftsmen who inherit this knowledge in a very noble way.

ASPIRE: The bedroom above exhibits a perfect, sea-worthy color palette. What was the approach in this room? What designs were used to create a sense of relaxation and comfort?
Coropulis: The bedroom faces clear bay views and the turquoise water and the green of the palm trees below inspired a cool palette. Touches of leather, from the upholstered Suzie Wong bed to the end tables, add the perfect amount of warmth and texture to keep the bedroom inviting.

ASPIRE: The bench at the end of the bed is particularly beautiful and we love how the leather both separates itself yet ties into the rest of the materiality of the interiors. What drew you to incorporating the square patterns in this room for both the rug and bench?
Coropulis: The Brera bench has this amazing woven pattern and the rug echoed it just enough. They work in harmony to add a bit more texture to the space so it feels layered.

ASPIRE: How did the views throughout dictate the design of the space? Were there certain furniture pieces you gravitated towards because of this? If so, which ones and why?
Coropulis: The home has such incredible floor to ceiling windows so the views are a key element to the overall design. Rather than busy or heavy interiors, the design embraces a mix of soft forms, clean lines and layered textures so the home feels lived in yet refined, without distracting from the views outside. It also has a neutral color palette which allows the rich hues seen from the surrounding environment to pop and take center stage.

ASPIRE: The bedrooms are all quite different yet each carry a unifying feel. How did you approach the design to the bedrooms?
Coropulis: Every bedroom should feel like a retreat, especially on Fisher Island. The general color schemes from the rest of the home carry into the bedrooms but are different enough to create a special pocket of space within the home. The beds of course are oriented towards the best view.

ASPIRE: What do you think is so important about creating elements of interest throughout? For instance, the dual circular mirrors and the pops of orange in this room and in the library shelving, the lighting configuration over the dining table, etc.
Coropulis: These accent pieces create that cohesive feeling throughout the apartment. Several pieces utilize leather which subtly connects the various spaces together. Likewise, the placement of these accessories and decorative pieces was strategic so that the eye continuously lands somewhere without going overboard. With such a neutral palette overall, small doses of color through the accessories like the Blue Pallo vases in the living room, make the home feel fresh and interesting.

Photography by Maria Galli.

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