Popular Trends in Bedroom Design

This summer is an unusual one due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people can’t or won’t go away like normal, and we’re stuck at home a whole lot more than we usually would be at this time of year. The upside of this, though, is that it makes this summer the perfect time to do jobs around your property, to either make it ready for sale or to give it a refresh for your own benefit.

With the bedrooms being some of the main rooms in a home, especially the master, it pays to think about ways you might add more pizazz to your sleeping quarters. Doing so will not only make the space look more welcoming, but increase the relaxation factor and hopefully help you to get better rest during a strange time in history.

Deciding what to do in your bedroom can be a little daunting, though, with so many options. To guide you, check out what interior designers, realtors, and other people are doing with bedroom design right now. Read on for some popular trends that might inspire you.

Create a Hotel Feel
Although this trend was gaining in popularity before COVID-19 created a worldwide pandemic, now that most of us are confined to home more, it’s even more applicable. If you want to get the feeling of being in a lush, high-end hotel at your home, consider ways to turn your master bedroom into an oasis that feels as elegant and exclusive as a room you’d find in a top boutique accommodation spot.

Start by making sure you have a quality mattress that’s comfortable, supportive, and made from fibers that allow your body to rest and breathe easy. Add to that a thick foam mattress topper for even more luxury, plus purchase multiple pillows to suit different needs throughout the year. You’ll also need fine linens that stay looking and feeling great even after numerous washes, which are soft and smooth enough that you want to snuggle into them all year long.

To further up the hotel vibe, decorate with a large-scale headboard and under-mounted sensory lighting. It also helps to invest in convenient, motorized shades that you can open and close from the comfort of your bed, plus a wall or floor-mounted flat-screen TV and your favorite streaming service, such as Netflix.

Mix Old with New
Another popular trend is that of mixing old design styles with fresh, new, modern ones. While in recent years, designers have tended to opt for either contemporary, minimalistic styles or antique or vintage ones, now there is more of a focus on blending the two. Going down this path allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds, rather than having to settle on just one or the other.

To create this hybrid look in your bedroom, keep furniture choices to pieces that are clean, modern, and simple. This is particularly wise in prominent factors like your wardrobe, bed frame, chest of drawers, and paint or wallpaper colors. Also, stick with sleek contemporary surfaces when it comes to your door(s), window(s), and flooring.

To add the more nostalgic feel to the room, embrace imperfection in some of the materials and belongings you decorate your room with. For instance, don’t shy away from retaining a handmade quilt or blanket that has been in your family for generations but has seen better days, or a chipped lamp or worn-in Persian rug.

Plus, add the “old” vibe to the room with eclectic accessories and souvenirs you’ve picked up over the years, especially things gathered while traveling. These items will stop the room from looking too stark and will personalize it to your tastes and history. Decorate with pieces such as vintage glassware, ornate candle holders, treasured books, childhood toys, hand-painted world globes, antique jewelry boxes, international art, and quirky snow globes.

Look to Nature
While sustainability has been top of mind for many people for the last decade or more, nowadays, increasing numbers of designers and manufacturers are also focusing more on nature when creating homewares and room setups. Look to the great outdoors to help you make your bedroom feel more serene. Opt for earthy, textured color palettes and furniture pieces, and add greenery (and the better air quality that comes with it) by putting some real plants in your room.

You can further get into the “biophilic” trend by choosing organic and natural fabrics for your bed linen and other fabrics. Select materials made from jute, bamboo, timber, linen, and twine. Plus, instead of decorating with mass-produced items that also tend to be very chemical-laden, choose handmade, local pieces or those made from recycled goods.

To escape the worries of the world and enjoy a better sleep so you can function more efficiently, you want a bedroom you love and want to retreat to. The three trends mentioned above can help you to achieve just that.

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