At Close Range: Bilotta Kitchen & Home

ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME recently reached out to several leading kitchen and design firms to discover their point of view on top trends and new developments in their industry. Their thoughtful responses delve into what motivates, inspires and excites these design pros, and how that passion ultimately breeds success.

From Bilotta Kitchen & Home, we spoke with Regina Bilotta.

ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME: Where does your inspiration come from when creating stylish kitchens for your clients?
Regina Bilotta: I draw my inspiration from my own cooking and entertaining with my family and friends. I always think of people when it comes to shaping the space of a kitchen.

ADH: What is the best or most enjoyable part of your position as a kitchen designer?
RB: Getting to know the clients and creating solutions catered to their individual tastes and needs.

ADH: If you were designing a kitchen for your own home, what would you include?
RB: Lots of space for gathering – I have a big family so gathering and cooking is a big part of our lives. Especially during the holidays, I like everyone to be able to gather and prep together.

ADH: Is there anything you wouldn’t include in your own dream kitchen? (and why not?)
RB: I’d say a TV. I believe the kitchen is for enjoyment and nurturing of family and friends – there’s no need to bring the stresses of the outside world into this special space – that goes for social media too!

ADH: What are some of the most exciting innovations you’ve seen in today’s kitchen industry?
RB: A lot of sustainably engineered materials that are less costly to the buyer and the environment. Products that look great and wear well.

ADH: What technology features are your clients including in their kitchen designs?
RB: Smart home systems

ADH: How do some of these technological advances help kitchens to be more efficient or organized?
RB: They help you stay connected from outside your home – you can actually check through a camera in your refrigerator to see if you’re out of milk. Easy access to recipes and lessons etc.

ADH: Which manufacturers are on the cutting-edge of the kitchen industry?
RB: Our partner factory – where our Bilotta Collection Cabinetry is made – continues to build upon generations of traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology. 

ADH: What are some popular design trends your clients are requesting for their kitchens?
RB: Metal cabinetry finishes, natural wood with neutral finishes.

ADH: What 2020 kitchen design trends do you think will be long-lasting?
RB: “Less is more” in design is here to stay – clean, simple lines, details that are easy to live with. Multi-method appliances and advanced self-cooking functions.

ADH: What is your favorite meal to prepare for a crowd?
RB: Osso buco, the real thing!

ADH: What is your favorite meal to prepare if it’s just for you?
RB: Wine and cheese!

ADH: Which past or present interior designer has most inspired you?
RB: My daughter – Sarah Witkin, who continues our legacy with Bilotta Architecture 

ADH: How would you describe your work style?
RB: “Multi-tasker” – in addition to “design” for my own clients, friends, and family, I run the business with my siblings.

ADH: Describe your personal design style (rustic, modern, traditional, etc.)
RB: Modern without being hi-tech.

ADH: What was your first design job?
RB: My teenage room covered with flower child wallpaper and bed-spreads!

ADH: What is your favorite kitchen color scheme right now?
RB: Natural and desaturated stained woods.

ADH: Complete this sentence: The one thing I can’t live without in my kitchen is:
RB: My Santoku knife, my new Miele range, my 20-year-old stone prep island.

ADH: What is the best piece of design advice you ever received?
RB: Don’t be afraid! 

ADH: If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?
RB: Housing advocate along the lines of my first job out of grad school, designing and running a City Housing Program for the Koch Administration.

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