Brazilian Cultural Collective The Raiz Project Comes To ICFF

Springtime is in the air in New York. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and as always, the Javitz Center is gearing up for ICFF. Now in its 30th year, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair is bigger than ever, with over 900 designers from around the world representing their achievements in design. This year, the Amazon is coming to ICFF, but we aren’t talking about the website. Fourteen of Brazil’s most exciting and innovative designers, represented by Brazilian cultural collective the Raiz Project, will exhibit their work at the show. Influenced by Brazil’s melting pot of accents, climates, ideologies, and landscapes, the Raiz Project seeks to bring awareness and recognition to its renowned designers who share their native techniques and services with the world. Below, meet the fourteen brilliant Brazilians coming to New York this May, and keep an eye out for their takeover at the show!

Alessandra Delgado (Booth 2647)

Alessandra Delgado has been an architect and furniture designer since 1997. A graduate of the University of São Paulo, she was deeply influenced by modernist Brazilian architects. Her work as a designer also carries a taste for pure lines and geometric shapes, clean and neat, resulting in creations less is always more. Delgado’s work is based on the permanent search for a design that can survive through time, with a goal of creating original and functional pieces with a lot of personality. The Brazilian culture is always present as a reference in her projects, especially for architectects, who play an important role in Alessandra’s work.

Aristeu Pires (Booth 2531)

Recognized as one of the great names in Brazilian design, Aristeu Pires has built a strong reputation in the national market over a period of 14 years. His furniture can be found in Brazil’s main decor stores and in projects for the most important offices of architecture, both residential and corporate. Aristeu opened one shop in Canela, the south of Brazil, and, along with a business group, has a store in Chicago.

Claudia Issa (Booth 2027)

Claudia Issa’s brand, Konsepta represents the synthesis of the many ways she has been creating and producing Design throughout the years. It’s the result of her career as a graphic designer combined with the crafting of ceramic art and the practice of product design.

Konsepta is unique in its creative style and plural in the decor and function possibilities.
The production process incorporates sustainability in the use of materials because she is convinced that “beauty” can and should be also conscious. Her proposal is artistic- not commercial, her production is handmade- not industrial,because Issa believes in the one by one approach, done step by step, seeking eyes that know how to see.

Guilherme Wentz (Booth 2525)

Guilherme Wentz is a product designer and graduate of Universidade de Caxias do Sul in Southern Brazil. He worked for the luxury tableware company, Riva, before starting his own studio. On his debut he was awarded the Brazil Design Award by Idea Brasil and the international iF Design Award. Based in São Paulo since 2014, the 30 year-old designer has worked with leading Brazilian design brands in addition to his work as art director for the brand Decameron. In 2016 he was again awarded the iF Design Award and named a “Rising Talent” by Maison&Objet Americas. This year, Wentz was also named a “Rising Talent” by the first Casa Vogue Design Award.

Guto India Da Costa (Booth 2639)

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Guto Indio Da Costa studied Industrial Design at the Art Center College of Design, and today coordinates the design and transport center of Indio da Costa A.U.D.T (Architecture, Urbanism, Design and Transportation). His firm is responsible for dozens of projects, many of which have achieved great success and received several international awards. A member of the Advisory Board of Design of the State of Rio de Janeiro since 2006, Guto was also the director and vice-president of Abedesign, co-founder of the Brazilian Center of Industrial Design (CBDI), promoter of several exhibitions and design events.

HOLARIA (Booth 2748)

Holaria has embraced culture of creating something new from the traditional skills of the porcelain industry. They do this by associating the technological advances of Design and Engineering with the technical and productive capacity of the industry.

As part of the Germer Porcelanas Profissionais group, one of the leading brands in the national dishware market, Holaria is strategically located in South Brazil. This allows the brand to take advantage of the modern equipment and production techniques implemented by Germer in recent years, such as the natural gas-fired furnace – the most modern in Latin America. Resources those which guarantee to the creations of Holaria a wealth of details, bold and innovative forms and, mainly, high quality.

Jader Almeida (Booth 1357)

Jader Almeida was born in 1981 in southern Brazil. Since 2004 he develops unique products for Brazilian and foreign industries, with his primary partner brand SOLLOS. Almieda’s furniture has been granted multiple design awards, including Good Design, IF and Red Dot. “I look for rationality, simple geometry, in pure forms with timeless aesthetic.” says Almieda of his furniture, “I seek to create products with durable values. Approaching the legacy of the masters, but looking ahead, thinking that the choices of today will be the reflection of tomorrow.”

Larissa Batista (Booth 2651)

Larissa Batista is a designer specializing in the furniture industry. Born in Porto Alegre, with a product design background, she creates projects that seek to translate her innovative style. Among her creations, countless works have already been highlighted and exhibited in major decoration events.

Marta Manente (Booth 2750)

Marta Manente has a degree in Technology for Furniture Production and a specialization degree in Product Design with emphasis on furniture. Having wide experience in the Brazilian furniture market working with the country’s major players, she has taught the international scenarios course for Design Specialization Programs at the University of Pordedone (Italy) and the University of Caxias do Sul (RS, Brazil). She travels the world in search of trends and innovations, resulting in viable projects and products for the Brazilian industry.

NDT Design (Booth 2221)

Created by Ricardo Rodrigues, Studio NDT Brazil is located in Bassitt Bady, a small town in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Rodrigues draws inspiration from nature and fine-tuned his design skills by studying in Germany, France and Italy.

Noemi Saga (Booth 2509)

Noemi Saga Atelier is a Brazilian product brand established in 2013. Beyond aesthetics and functionality, Noemi Saga Atelier pursues emotional connection between people and objects. The atelier has won Brazilian and South America main furniture awards such as 2nd place in 28º Prêmio Museu da Casa Brasileira in 2014 with Conogó screen partition; 1st place in Prêmio Salão Design in 2015 with Girafa ladder and hanger; and finalist in 30º Prêmio Museu da Casa Brasileira with Xingu bench.

Plataforma 4 (Booth 2551)

Plataforma 4 team; designers Amèlia Tarozza, Camila Fix, Flávia Pagotti Silva and Rejane Carvalho Leite, maintain the goal of combining individual ideas and experiences when collaborating on design. The team has been showcased in international exhibitions and many products are award winners.

Ricardo Bello Dias (Booth 2624)

Brazilian-born architect Ricardo Bello Dias now lives and works in Milan, Italy. After graduating from Pernambuco Federal University in Brazil, A-A (Architectural Association) in London, and Politecnico in Milan, he has primarily worked on architecture and design, brand identity and art planning for fashion stores, showrooms, offices, houses and hotels.

Sérgio Matos (Booth 2517)

Since Sérgio Matos’ studio opening in 2010 – has won national and international awards and collaborates to strengthen the image of Brazilian design. He opens routes for the diffusion of knowledge, where the union of the design with the craftsmanship results in consultancies directed to the artisan communities. Each experience creates entrepreneurial opportunities and rescues individual and collective dreams. Matos’ avant garde designs are strengthened by his belief in the inherited abilities of his Brazilian ancestors.

Studio Vallvé (Booth 2321)

In 1962, José Vallvé started a business by basically drawing and manufacturing decorative objects out of polyester resin and developing appropriate machinery and production systems, since the industry was non-existent back then.

In 1978, the Vallvé brand was created in an innovative “Bathroom Boutique” format, with the intention to innovate and revolutionize every single item placed in the bathroom. It featured incredible design and impeccable performance to an area that was often neglected in projects.

When his son, Pedro Sedó, became director of the company in the 1990s, Vallvé took a decisive leap forward to become a benchmark in the “Bathroom Boutique” sector of the Brazilian market, offering products for a complete bathroom experience.

Wagner Archela (Booth 2126)

Born in Mooca, a traditionally Italian neighborhood of São Paulo, Wagner Archela thinks about his furniture, lamps and objects, along the sinuous path of influences of São Paulo’s urban culture.

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