Redecorating Tips to Add Warmth to Your Interior Design

watching tvHaving the loveliest home in your neighbourhood is one thing, but having the loveliest home that is also the most inviting is altogether different. It is a step above and beyond your run-of-the-mill interior design and something easily accomplished with just a few well-placed tips.

Approaching Warmth from Two Sides

When seeking to add warmth to your home, remember you can approach it from two sides at the same time. Why not choose functional heating that adds warmth and character to your interior design? Designer radiators are the perfect example. Why should you simply choose standard central heat with floor or baseboard vents when you can use designer radiators that are functional yet attractive as well? Growing numbers of homeowners are merging function with design elements to add warmth to their homes. If you want to see exactly what is trending, visit the Warm Rooms online showroom. You’ll be amazed to see just how many options you have.

An Old Family Heirloom or Replica

Even new homes with contemporary design can be made to feel warm and inviting. Many interior decorators suggest placing a piece of furniture that is old and well-used strategically in the room. This gives even the starkest modern design a lived-in appeal. There is just something so uninviting about modern interior design and that’s why so many homeowners are keeping one favourite easy chair or a few pictures or knick-knacks that have been handed down through the generations. If you have nothing like these, replicas can serve the same purpose. Bringing ‘history’ forward to your contemporary design adds levels of comfort in unexpected ways.

Effective Use of Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting also offers warmth to any room. Dimmable lights are the best way to set lighting according to your needs in the moment or your moods that change throughout the day. Lights mounted to shine on wall hangings and to highlight plants within the room give an added level of warmth as the attention is drawn to landscapes, loving family faces and bits of nature you’ve brought indoors through your effective use of plants.

Blend Visuals with Tactile Elements

It can’t be said enough just how cold and calculating many people find modern décor to be. Noting is more uninviting that a room that is all sharp lines with little to no use of colour or texture. Consider those offices done in white, black and aluminium and you’ll quickly realise that this type of décor has no place in a home where you want to exude peace and tranquillity. Those sharp lines devoid of colour set your nerves on edge. Instead of leather furniture, tapestry works quite well. Are you looking to wallpaper your walls? Why not use textured wall paper that has raised velvety designs? Blending visuals with tactile elements adds an air of warmth simply because of the multi-faceted design. You can literally ‘feel’ the design and for some reason, that adds warmth to the home.

No matter what style of interior design you run with, you can always use a few tricks to give your home that added bit of warmth and character. Don’t stop until you get the exact ‘feeling’ you are looking for. A home not lived in might as well be a museum, and that certainly is not warm and inviting. Going for warmth? Go for that ‘lived-in’ appeal.

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