Reno’s Appliance Celebrates 70 Years In Business

Reno’s Appliance was founded in 1951 by Reno Cioletti as Reno’s Radio & TV Shop, the one-stop appliance store located in Paterson, New Jersey. Reno’s sons carry on the tradition set forth by their father 70 years ago with a 16,000 square foot showroom in Paterson that has a wide selection of state-of-the-art appliances with excellent package deals and pricing for both indoor and outdoor living.

We spoke with John Cioletti, President & CEO, about the family business and his father’s legacy.

aspire design and home: Congratulations on 70 years in business! What was the story behind the founding of Reno’s Appliance?
John Cioletti: After coming home from World War II, my father, Reno Cioletti, became a radio and television repairman. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to go into business for himself, and Reno’s Appliance was founded in 1951.

Reno Cioletti in the first delivery truck for Reno’s Appliance.

Reno Cioletti in the first delivery truck for Reno’s Appliance.

ADH: What are some of the most significant developments you’ve seen in the appliance market over the years?
JC: Energy efficiency has been an important component of how appliances have been evolving for several years. There is also an emphasis on becoming more “smart” with integrated connectivity and remote communication. Current advances in technology are always being updated with each new generation of appliances.

ADH: Tell me about your personal favorite appliance to cook with.
JC: My favorite appliance to use is the combination steam oven that is a fully functioning convection oven as well as a steam-only oven. The combination steam oven’s two technologies can be used individually or combined to simplify preparing healthy meals for the entire family, as well as elevate cooking or baking at home with ease.

John Cioletti, President & CEO of Reno’s Appliance, in front of the Bertazzoni 48” Pro-Style Gas Range with Griddle.

John Cioletti, President & CEO of Reno’s Appliance, in front of the Bertazzoni 48” Pro-Style Gas Range with Griddle.

ADH: If you could invent a new appliance, what would it be or do?
JC: The features of many of today’s appliances are so technologically advanced, I can’t think of anything to improve upon them. However, according to my wife, a dishwasher that loads and unloads dishes automatically would be a great asset in any home!

ADH: How do you keep current with the rapidly changing kitchen appliance industry?
JC: Our team at Reno’s Appliance always stays current by participating frequently in online seminars and trainings that highlight new products and features. Offered by the manufacturers, these help us stay up to date with any changes so that we remain knowledgeable about new innovations and trends, as well as competitive with pricing.

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