Step Inside This Colorful, Retro New York Residence

retro new york residence living room

The architectural and design bureau N&G Ananiev Interiors was founded in Russia in 2002 by a family and creative duet – Nadezhda and George Ananyev. The bureau engages in a full cycle of works: architectural design, construction, design and project management; As well as a wide range of styles – from art deco to mid-century.

They teamed with Covet House to produce a luxury design for this New York residence that’s both retro and classic, but also contemporary.

Nadezhda and George met the owners of this property ten years ago. The family decided to reinvent the house they bought in the 1980s, and make it their permanent address; looking to keep the style reminiscent of the late ’80s with a retro appeal, but still a very modern twist on the overall aesthetics.

Imagined in blazing and unusual colors, the result was an amazing interior in vintage style with contemporary furniture. The space features a mixture of patterns, materials, and shapes. Harsh and strict lines from the vintage furniture meld with the shapelessness and fluidity of the modern design elements.

It was important to the designers and the homeowners to make a statement. They did so with expressive walls through bright wallpapers, artistic furniture and also unique and even provocative pieces of art.

retro new york residence sitting room

This sitting room is the perfect climax between bright colors and the playful composition of modern classic style. The Maya Armchair by Brabbu, seen here in mustard-yellow, is inspired by the Mayan civilization’s Goddess. With the combination of matte aged brass legs and velvet, the piece offers an intense addition to the room’s design.

Complementing the vintage look are the graphic lighting pieces from Delightfull. With a beautiful and fresh take on the mid-century lighting design, heavily inspired by the art of the 40s throughout the late 80s, the fresh classics lamps bring the colors and materials of modern décor.

The letter “D” brought to the hall, was inspired by the vibrant Las Vegas feeling, bringing the fast-paced rhythm of the city into the interior decoration. And the “R” gives a rustic appeal to the retro vibe.

retro new york residence hallway

The Modern Classic style is one of the staples of both N&G Ananiev Interiors and Covet House designs. This retro New York residence shows how perfectly put together an interior can be by mixing nostalgia with contemporary furniture.

Images via Covet House.

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