These Self-Sustaining Custom Luxury Homes Put The Mod In Modular

What happens when you take Tesla technology and add it to the home construction process? That’s the question S2A Modular Homes is answering with their line of #GreenLuxHome. This pioneering firm puts the mod in modular: a green revolution of self-sustaining, custom luxury home designs that are architecturally inspired. Impressive interiors include cutting-edge appliances, recycled materials and pre-installed smartphone-controlled settings.

“Our building materials are made to be sustainable and are voltage-powered,” explains John Rowland, President of S2A. “We use a special type of graphene solar panels made in Poland that are paired with Tesla Powerwalls. During the day, the homes are 100% self-sustaining from the solar panels on the roof, and in the evening, the excess solar energy feeds the battery power of the Tesla Powerwall.” Night or day, the Net Zero-designed homes equate to no heating or electric bills, and homeowners may even receive payments from the electric company for adding surplus power to the grid. There’s even enough electricity to power an electric vehicle.

Rowland was drawn to this technology in 2015 when he was involved in the engineering and building of one of the country’s first Tesla Powerwall homes. Fascinated by the idea of an off-the-grid home, he developed what he calls a #GreenLuxHome, which is built in a state-of-the-art factory.

“For years, there was a stigma against manufactured and modular homes,” Rowland notes.“People thought they looked like trailers or HUD projects. We design beautiful homes in a factory that are green and come with no utility bills or worries about power loss.” He points to the country’s vulnerable and antiquated power grid as well as dipping property values as the main reasons homebuyers visit S2A.

“We are working on a 55+ adult community called Bahia Village, which is one of the first off-grid communities in the country,” Rowland comments, adding “It’s a large-scale community of 71 single-family homes with two-car garages in Riverside County, California. Each home comes with a Tesla Model 3 car to continue the eco-friendly aspect of the neighborhood.”

Giving back is also important to Rowland, who hopes to play a major role assisting the homeless in Southern California. “The homeless population is out of hand and heartbreaking,” he remarks. “LA County is paying $502,000 per door to house the homeless, and a lot of that cost comes from adding infrastructure like gas and utilities which are expensive to set up and maintain. I developed a small ‘micro’ home that uses no gas, propane or electric, and is solar and battery operated. We’re making it available to cities, municipalities and counties across the U.S. for less than $40,000.”

Rowland is expanding S2A’s homebuilding projects beyond California to Florida, Ohio, Texas and Oregon. “We are going nationwide and developing a series of factories across the country to make shipping easier.” The controlled environment inside the factory means S2A Modular homes can be built in as little as six weeks. “This is the future of home building,” Rowland concludes.

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