Designer Friday: Sally Williams Of Colorful Concepts Interior Design

As a self-proclaimed color connoisseur, North Carolina designer Sally Williams founded her design firm, Colorful Concepts Interior Design, on the belief that interiors should begin with a color palette and build itself around the selected shades. Typically focusing on residential projects, Williams gets to know her client, works with them to define their home’s palette, and begins to work her magic. Telling the inhabitants’ story within the space determines how successful a design will be; a gorgeous home with no functionality for a family is not an ideal design. In her own home, Williams took bits of inspiration from her birth country, Peru. Inspired by shades of blue, she used framed native butterfly specimens to encompass her story and bring the design to life. Williams continues to create, no pun intended, colorful concepts for her clients in North Carolina and beyond.

Crystal curvatures and pale grey walls contribute to this condo’s upscale dining room.

Andrew: Design icon?

Sally: The King of Color of course! Jamie Drake. His was the first interior design work to inspire me in a huge way. Also, I totally relate to his philosophy on entertaining – he doesn’t have a dining room because he’d rather have floor space for a dance floor and setting up another bar. Most definitely my style!! I’m not one to cook big meals and much prefer having a cocktail party with friends coming and going or hanging around until the wee hours of the morning. In the home we moved into four years ago, the dining room became the “The Mariposa Lounge.” The design of the room was inspired by my collection of beautiful furnishings and décor from my country of birth, Peru. Upon entering the Lounge you’ll find a collection of butterfly specimens framed and hanging on the wall, including Morpho Didius – one of the largest butterflies in the world and native to Peru.

Williams spreads her wings and uses natural elements in her own home to represent an aspect of herself.

Andrew: Most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life?

Sally: Proposed to my husband of thirty-three years. Or more accurately, getting him to propose to me! Poor guy, he didn’t know what hit him, but we both know that he would have never done it on his own! Today, without shame he’ll tell you that I saved his life. And somehow he always remembers our anniversary, unlike me….

Andrew: A skill you’re working on mastering?

Sally: Being ambidextrous. One day I realized how much time I was wasting because I couldn’t both write and use the mouse at once with my right hand. I’ve since mastered using the mouse with my left hand and am now working on the writing skill as well!

Mirrors, mirrors, on the wall, who’s the most colorful of them all?

Andrew: Best gift you’ve ever given?

Sally: Organizing a surprise birthday trip to Vegas for my husband in 2018, including flying our two daughters and their boyfriends in from Seattle and Atlanta. Somehow, we had all been to Vegas before except for Richard! We had a blast. We’ve started planning our next trip together, to Italy in 2020.

Andrew: Secret talent?

I have an accounting degree. It is a huge, huge plus in running my business.

Andrew: How would you define your work in three words?

Sally: Artistic, Balanced, and Optimistic.

Sally Williams headshotAbout Sally Williams | Sally Williams, Owner and Principal Designer of Colorful Concepts Interior Design, has a design aesthetic that is timeless and free of stylistic premises working in contemporary and traditional spaces alike. She begins her designs with the color palette, which sets the tone for the entire project.

Sally transforms a space artistically, providing balanced composition and soulful color schemes set in crisp optimistic environments. She has a strong philosophy that environments impact peoples’ daily lives, and she works with the client to deeply understand what they want and need in their space.

Colorful Concepts is a full-service Interior Design studio providing professional services in residential renovation design, space planning, new home materials selections, custom window treatments and furnishings, fine art and craft consulting, and more.

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