How Shakúff Planted The Seed That Became The Bloom Collection

Interior lighting is one of the most important, yet often underappreciated, design elements of any home, even more so than furniture, backsplashes or color palettes. With the flick of a switch, illumination has the ability to change not only the mood of a room, but also the perceived size of any given space. While selecting the correct lighting, both aesthetically and functionally, can be a tricky task, Shakúff’s incredible range of wildly creative bespoke styles, illumination levels and hand craftsmanship have done all the hard work, so you can just enjoy the hazy glow or bright brilliance of your choices. The Shakúff studio is essentially a collective of artisans and glassblowers, centered around their love of striking designs, larger-than-life imaginations and dedication to excellence. Here, founder Joseph Sidof discusses BLOOM, his latest magical collection, which took a year to come to fruition.

Photo by Lisa Romerein.

Photo by Lisa Romerein.

aspire design and home: Tell us about the BLOOM collection.
Joseph Sidof: Our BLOOM collection’s story is one of engineering and innovation. It was inspired by the beautiful metamorphosis of flowers between seed and blossom.

We debuted these products in 2020, completely reimagining what was possible with our signature Kadur design. With the goal of creating a completely modern chandelier, all clean lines and seamless hardware, we had to create new technology. Each product in the collection explores the life-force of plants; the floor lamp is like a tree with buds. The chandelier has branches poking out, each blossoms in a different stage of growth, while the table lamp mimics a flower mid-bloom.

ADH: Do you have a favorite piece?
JS: The Bloom Chandelier is the epitome of sleek; perfect for a minimal space. Featuring a horizontal tube and orbs of different sizes that combine brilliant metal and blown glass, it makes a statement in any room.

ADH: How is the sconce constructed? Is there a special technique or process specific to the fabrication of this collection?
JS: Bloom sconces are based out of rods, brass hardware, and our hand-blown glass. We put them together seamlessly and using all LED technology to light up the fixtures.

ADH: Are there plans to expand this collection?
JS: As of now, the collection includes chandeliers, sconces, table lamps and floor lamps. There’s definitely a lot of inspiration to create other collections using similar simplistic style with single points with extensions.

ADH: The collection begins with two finishes, will more options be added over time?
JS: Yes, we’re looking into black gunmetal as well as antique brass/bronze.

ADH: We adore the collection. Has it been received by the wider audience with the same enthusiasm?
JS: We’re getting a great response so far. Although we like to keep it as is, people tend to want to customize this collection to shape it and make the length different, which we do.

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