Shapeshifting: Sardinia

Photography: Is Molas Resort | Sardinia, Italy | Architect: Massimiliano Fuksas | Interior Designer: Doriana Fuksas | Built: 2016

Boldly unconventional architecture is displayed at Is Molas Resort in Sardinia – the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea – was masterminded by the award winning husband-and-wife design team of Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas. Known internationally for their modern designs ranging from Armani’s 5th Avenue location to Ferrari’s headquarters in Italy, the Fuksas firm has offices in Rome, Paris and Shenzhen. Their new collection of 15 freestanding villas fashioned in a strikingly futuristic style drew inspiration from the primitive Nuragic civilization. Hundreds of Nuraghi ruins, enigmatic rock structures created during the Bronze Age, are thought to be social centers or temples for tribes that inhabited the island for eight centuries.

This organically based design approach is furthered by the team’s unique narrative. “Is Molas is an experimental project and the experiment was to work with the elements,” explains Massimiliano. “This project takes the form of an eroded mass shaped by the wind, where the openings are cavities, where sudden beams of light penetrate through cracks or large skylights.” Sardinia’s pristine setting is the “primary element,” he adds, where residences evolve with great respect to the existing geographical features of the island.

“This project takes the form of an eroded mass shaped by the wind, where the openings are cavities, where sudden beams of light penetrate through cracks or large skylights.”

Doriana leads the interior design of four different types of fully furnished villas, and Massimiliano states that they are impressive: “The interior elements are all being designed exclusively for these villas, featuring customized furniture for each that represents the style it is modeled after.” Studio Fuksas is partnering with custom furniture design firm Moroso and incorporating authentic Murano glass elements to artistic lighting from Venini, lending additional layers of international style to the rooms.

Is Molas’ location in a microclimate is temperate throughout the year, a deciding factor for an exceptional golf experience. With the construction of a new 18-hole Gary Player Signature Course, the Is Molas Golf Club will consist of two championship courses and nine executive holes around a lake. “The resort is situated in the area of Santa Margherita di Pula and Cape Teulada, one of the most fascinating stretches of the Sardinian south coast with beautiful beaches and clear water bays,” shares Massimiliano. “It’s a paradise for those who love golf and nature, and the land is still unspoiled, unlike other tourist destinations.”

Residents enjoy concierge and butler service, a beach club, sports and kids’ centers, a spa, salon services, a business lounge, limousine and luxury car shuttle service, housekeeping, kitchen grocery stocking, catering and pet care.

Massimiliano stresses the global appeal of this Sardinian retreat when he says, “Citizens from all over the world who are interested in art, culture and traveling will love these new villas.”

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