Six Things You Need To Consider Before Installing A Backsplash

A backsplash can span an entire wall, create geometric patterns, display a pop of color in the space or even become a work of art. There are endless options and combinations when it comes to choosing a backsplash and Katie Michael-Battaglia, Design Director of Nemo Tile + Stone, knows exactly how to navigate the process. Here are Michael-Battaglia’s top six tips to buying and installing a tile backsplash:

Nemo’s Maison Tile.


When choosing backsplash tiles, be mindful of the size of the space you are looking to cover and how much of the wall the backsplash will cover. With more space, you get a more dramatic look. Are you laying the tile above or below cabinets? Do you want the tile to reach the ceiling? Are you looking to add a pop of color? The backsplash is the perfect way to add a bit of your personality to a space, but the larger picture needs to be taken into consideration.


A great way to add a splash of color and an eye-catching pop of detail, mosaics provide an opportunity for customization in the kitchen. Available in an array of colors, sizes, and shapes, the tiles can be used to create patterns of every variety. That said, one thing to be aware of with mosaics is the maintenance. As their installation requires more grout, the surface has more nooks and crannies that make it difficult to clean. If that deters you, a large format tile is always a great option for easy cleaning and modern style.

Nemo’s Fusion Tile.

Large Format/ Slab Porcelain

On the opposite spectrum of mosaics, many are turning to large format tiles and slabs for their backsplash. Obviously, with a large format, there is less grout and thus less maintenance which is very appealing. Additionally, something we’re seeing more and more of is consumers’ desire to match their backsplash with their kitchen countertop. In order to do so properly, you must be mindful of the material of the backsplash tiles. Our collections with Inalco of large format porcelain tiles and slabs are a great choice for this aesthetic. It comes in both thin tiles (6mm) for walls and floors as well as matching slab (12mm) for countertops. It is the best product for this design trend because it not only gives a space an elegant look but is extremely easy to clean and maintain; truly perfect for any high-traffic kitchens.

Open Shelving

Immensely popular at the moment, open shelving in the kitchen is offering a new way to both stash and showcase homewares. This concept also offers an additional surface to dress up. Tile is a great way to do this, placing the material either behind the shelving or up to it. Marble slabs can also be taken into consideration for kitchens walls in this instance with open shelving. Depending on the veining and figuring in the marble, it can be very classic to dramatic. Additionally, there are many variations on the classic subway tile.

Nemo’s Cadence collection is a great alternative to the standard 3×6 subway tile as they have slight texture and variations in color.


When choosing your backsplash material, always be cognizant of what kind of lighting is there. If there is wall wash lighting, be aware that any imperfections in the tile and installation will be more apparent. If you like that variation, especially with handmade and handmade look tiles, then this will help that look.


To ensure the longevity of the backsplash, it’s vital to install a wet area backer board. These act as a preventative layer, hampering mildew from seeping into the backside of the tiles, while adding strength to the supporting structure the tiles are applied to.

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