Sleeve House Elevates Modern Architecture

Taghkanic, NY |  14.776 acres, Built in 2017 | Architect: Adam Dayem | Builder: Lorne Dawes | Listing Agent: Gary DiMauro Real Estate, Inc.

Continuing his design legacy of ingeniously balancing modern form, scale and dimension, famed architect and educator Adam Dayem created the unconventional Sleeve House in New York’s Hudson Valley. Recognized as an innovator and influencer in the design world, he studied architecture at the University of California Berkeley and Columbia University, where he was awarded the McKim Prize honoring the year’s most outstanding graduate in architecture. He has taught courses at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Columbia University, The New School for Design and the University of Pennsylvania.

Dayem is the principal of actual/office, a Brooklyn-based architecture and design studio that purposefully drifts between speculation and reality, an attitude summed up as “the freedom to actualize hidden potentials, bringing the previously unimagined into focus.” From that open-minded philosophy, the Sleeve House was born. Gracefully positioned in relation to the sloping terrain and views of the Catskill and Taconic Mountains, the home was conceived as two elongated volumes – a smaller one sleeved into a larger – sitting on a cast-in-place concrete base.

By sleeving the two volumes, Dayem created three different types of spaces: the first is in-between the inner and outer volumes, the second is fully contained within the inner volume, and the third is a series of outdoor spaces framed by edges of both volumes. These spaces create three distinct living experiences for Sleeve House residents.

One of the most unusual aspects of Sleeve House is its darkened exterior. Both the inner and outer volumes are wrapped around their tops, bottoms and long sides with a charred wood skin. The charring was achieved by a traditional Japanese process called shou sugi ban that leaves wood blackened and highly resistant to weather and rot. Sustainably sourced Accoya softwood is treated with a process called acetylation, which gives it tremendous durability.

The Sleeve House’s bold approach to architecture is a continuation of Dayem’s progressive timeline. Hollow House is another Hudson Valley home he designed which featured a hole cut completely through it. While other architects would use that space as an interior courtyard, Dayem chose to make it a physically inaccessible shaft pointed toward the sky. His Boolean House design is based on combining large building scale form and small furniture-scale form, fully and partially enclosed indoor spaces, and the repeated use of a three-dimensional pattern that envelops all interior and exterior surfaces.

This truly unique and hyper-contemporary home can be yours from Gary DiMauro Real Estate, Inc. With all its accouterments including a roof-top deck, this home is perfect for the modern lifestyle.  Please click here to view the full listing. 

Photography courtesy of Deborah DeGraffenreid.

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