Statement Pieces Steal The Spotlight In 2022 Trend Forecast

Danish Design DNA at BoConcept

What kind of statement pieces made our 2022 trend forecast? One of our favorite design experts, Kalina Todorova of BoConcept, is back to serve up all the design tea! First, she’ll reveal two major trend-driven themes that are just arriving at BoConcept showrooms. And then, she’ll offer three must-try trends to help make 2022 your most stylish year ever. 

Two Main Style Directions for 2022

“If you visit a BoConcept store now, all the showrooms around the world have been updated,” says Todorova. “You will be able to find two main style directions. And they represent—pretty much—the trends that we’re seeing coming for the next season.” 

“The name of the first one is Calming Neutrals. The name itself describes the style: the atmosphere that it creates in the home. “It is inspired by Scandinavian interiors,” Todorva explains. And while Scandinavian style has long been a part of BoConcept’s design DNA, Todorova also sees it evolving. “The style is warming up. It used to have a lot of gray tones as a base. Now the tones are warming up and becoming more beige tones and ash grays.” Other Calming characteristics include natural woods and shades of white, but the key is “overall muted tones: warm and inviting.”

And then there’s one that’s living for the city. “The second main style direction that we’re highlighting in our showrooms is called Quiet Luxury. Again, the name itself describes the style well,” Todorova offers. “This style we see more as metropolitan—an expression of big-city lifestyles, a mixture of global styles and trends. Here we’re working with a little deeper tones. But it’s still earth tones: a lot of browns, warm woods, richer materials, and more luxurious feeling fabrics.”

BoConcept Bergamo Sofa

Statement Pieces: Going Big In Your Own Home

Todorova is predicting bold statement pieces will rule 2022. “A statement piece could be the main furniture in a space. It could be a sofa,” she explains. “Or it could be an art piece. It is something that really draws attention. It’s extraordinary. At BoConcept, we love the word extraordinary.”

With its unusual curves, BoConcept’s new Bergamo sofa (pictured, above) is certainly a statement piece. Though it’s not necessarily the size that matters. “The sofa line is really defined by organic shapes. It’s a modular concept, so it can be built and fit in any space—from a two and a half seater to a really large configuration. But what is really interesting about it is: we work with, for example, 45 degree rounded corners. And we have a really nice open lounge unit,” Todorova says. “This is the highlight of our collection this season.”

The Bergamo is also on trend in color and material. “Bouclé is one of the big trends in interiors right now. It’s a mix of wool, cotton and acrylic. It’s a nubby fabric but really nice feeling,” Todorova explains. Thus, BoConcept chose to feature the Bergamo in a white bouclé. “The fabric is called Lazio. It’s available in different colors, but this really represents the trend.” She recommends styling the sofa with accents in light taupe and touches of brown for “that earth-tone natural feel and atmosphere.”

However, Todorova warns: don’t go too big. “Proportions are really, really important,” she adds. “Understanding the size of the space that our clients have, working with floor plans, taking measurements is always a starting point.” Balancing the rest of the room is also important. “You shouldn’t have an extremely big sofa and a very, very small chair,” she says. “Right away, you will feel like there’s something that’s off balance.” 

BoConcept Dining Area

Everything Old Is A Statement Piece Again

In 2022, Todorova also sees design reflecting society’s overall trend toward environmental consciousness. “Collectively, I think we’re going away from over-consumption and we’re going into a more mindful selection of products for our homes. Repurposing, recycling and upcycling are really important in today’s environment.” That means throwing away less and showing off more of what’s stood the test of time. “Some of these pieces show time through scratches and bumps and things like that. And that’s the beauty of these pieces.”

As an added bonus, they can also incorporate your family’s story into your home. “Working with pieces that we’ve inherited or incorporating heirlooms—items that have sentimental value and memories and history—totally makes sense within this context. And there are a few ways to approach that.”

“Number one is taking the eclectic approach. Mixing modern with something more traditional is really nice,” Todorova says. “Maybe a very well made, detailed coffee table mixed with clean-lined furniture around it,” she says. “And that could be your statement piece.”

“Another way to look at it is to incorporate a piece is by refinishing the surface, fixing it up a little bit: keeping the integrity of the design but updating,” Todorova says. For example, you could update a piece’s color so that it flows with the rest of a room’s furniture. “This is a nice, creative way to put your personal touch onto something that also has the history of the family.”

Dining Room by BoConcept

Using Art to Define Space

You hear it all the time: People want big spaces, open concept plans, room to breathe. But when it comes down to living, these spaces end up redivided by how we use them. “Placement of the furniture helps to create these zones a little bit,” says Todorova. “Area rugs also help to anchor spaces.” 

But for another option, look up. “Galleries are the next logical elements that will help with defining these zones,” says Todorova. Don’t be afraid to work with large-scale pieces, she says. But if you can’t find the right statement piece, artfully gather smaller ones. “Create a collage. Bring together smaller frames, pictures or art. Group it together to create a larger scale wall effect that is placed in a logical way when you look at the furniture.”

You can also use art to shape a space’s mood. “I will tell you what I see as a trend in artwork,” says Todorova. “We talked about—in interior design—there’s a trend of tone on tone, very neutral, muted tones. We also see that in accessories and artwork. So the artwork that we just introduced into our new collection is very neutral in tone. And the interest is more three-dimensional.” She points to a piece called Silent art Gallery (pictured, below). “It’s one tone, a very big canvas, but the interest comes from a 3D effect where the canvas gets wrinkled in a beautiful way.”

“It’s really about the detailing, the craftsmanship, and how it is made,” Todorova adds. “Art does not necessarily have to be bright and colorful to make a statement.”

BoConcept Bergamo Sofa and Silent art Gallery

Man Cannot Live By Trends Alone

Naturally, trends are important to Todorova. They help shape what she will display in BoConcept showrooms. And, in turn, what she displays in BoConcept showrooms will help shape the trends. But she emphasizes that good design is about more than trends. “For us, it’s very important to be able to tailor our products to the taste of our customers,” she says. “We love to help and guide our customers to express their taste in interiors. So we love trends, but we really love offering personal expression in design.”

And what would Todorova like to see trending next? “More of the Danish design DNA,” she says after a thoughtful pause. “Simple products, better quality. More of furniture as an art form rather than just mass-produced product. Something that can enhance lifestyle.” Sounds trendy to us.

You can visit BoConcept online to shop, see more of their new collections and find a showroom near you. We’re currently celebrating the grand opening of BoConcept Fort Lauderdale- click here to purchase tickets and join us in person.

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Paul Hagen is a writer and editor for aspire design and home magazine.

All photography is courtesy BoConcept.

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