The Surfjack Hotel: Surf City, Here We Come!

[nggallery id=74 template=”sliderview” display_content=”0”] Pack, Jack. It’s time for the beach. Grab the sunscreen, swimwear and something to wear at night. Then check right into The Surfjack Hotel, brand new this spring in the heart of Waikiki, a destination known for its white sand beaches.

The sunny hotel features the new Mahina & Sun’s, the latest fresh, organic eatery conceived by acclaimed Hawaiian chef Ed Kenney, and the Swim Club, where guests and islanders can take a dip and socialize while soaking up the sun, sipping high-end cocktails and listening to local music.

Island décor and artwork will be showcased throughout the boutique hotel for a young feel that Millennials will warm up to.

The design draws on early 1960s beach culture, with a curated collection of vintage upholstery by legendary Tori Richard, handcrafted wallpaper by Andrew Mau, and a living fern installation by PAIKO, a botanical boutique inspired by Hawaii’s nature. Guest rooms are designed with details borrowed from the North Shore surf bungalows of Oahu, with reed ceilings and hanging pendants. Also, guys and girls can go clothes shopping or have a brew at Olive & Oliver on the premises. Treat yourself; you’re on vacation.

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