These Beach Prints Are The Perfect Summer Decor – If You Can Get Your Hands On Them

teil duncan art collection of summer decor

With over 83,000 Instagram followers, and countless collaborations from fashion designer Christian Siriano to Anthropologie and Crate & Barrel, you’re probably already familiar with Teil Duncan’s art. Her colorful, abstract pieces have even caught the eye of celebrities like Emma Roberts, Busy Phillips, and Sia. 

Duncan’s successful series of female figures inspired her to start a series of beach scenes which launch at the beginning of every summer. Instead of focusing on one relaxed human form featuring a distinct light source, she realized the beaches she was visiting were stocked with lounging bodies in beautiful light and decided to incorporate this into her artwork. 

“Each time I approach a subject I’ve painted in the past, I like to introduce new techniques and perspectives, layers, and an even more developed sense of color harmony in order to maintain a sense of freshness,” Duncan explained. “I think this series of work embodies these elements, making my summer themed paintings feel new and different as we enter an exciting new season.”

teil duncan beach art summer decor

Of all the series she paints, her beach scenes are the most popular- and this year’s body of work was no exception. The collection of 30 original pieces sold out within four minutes of launching on June 4. But don’t fret, four of those paintings are available for purchase as prints on Duncan’s website.

beach prints summer decor

the color teil bookAnd if you’re looking to get your hands on even more of Teil’s work, check out her new book, launching June 18th.

The Color Teil chronicles Duncan’s artistic journey, displaying over three hundred full-color images of her work. Her studies range from figure drawings and animals to beach and pool scenes. Inspiration comes in all sizes and shapes for Teil. She attributes her artistic talent and motivation largely to her Christian faith, which, while she lost touch with it during her young adult years, she now thrives within. Throughout this vibrant, colorful book, readers will become better acquainted with both the artist, as a person, and the art she creates.

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