Ten Thousand: A Technicolor Dream

New luxury rental complex in Beverly Hills filled with showstopping artwork.

Eye-catching works by renowned American artists are showcased at Ten Thousand, a premier 40-story residential tower of luxury rentals in Beverly Hills. Displayed throughout the building are commissioned pieces from both rising and established names. “Ten Thousand’s art collection was carefully curated with a variety of different media and materials to capture the grandeur of Los Angeles and its storied history,” tells Roman Speron, executive vice president of Crescent Heights, the building’s developer. “From a signature custom piece by world-renowned artist Jacob Hashimoto to local works of art, they ignite the spaces in which they’re placed.”

This private collection presents postmodern and contemporary works, beginning with a colorful 15-by- 22-foot mixed media installation by Hashimoto in the main lobby. Comprised of over 5,000 handmade bamboo kites, it creates delicate illusions of movement, space and light.

A number of other compelling works of art are displayed throughout Ten Thousand:

  • Salon-style hanging portraits showcase some of the most prominent Californians in their natural environment, including Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio and modern theater pioneer Jack Swan, as interpreted by artists Francois Dischinger, Mark Gagnon, Ofer Wolberger and Brett Windham.
  • A collection of photographs by LA native Jeffrey Milstein captures LA’s commercial hubs in an artistic and visually exciting way. Milstein shot a series of aerial images, including moving views of the Venice Beach fishing pier and the shipping port at LA International Airport.
  • A bronze map of LA by Larry Wood adorns a raked stone wall in the residents’ lounge, while a triptych by Amanda Marchand, whose work explores the poetics of landscape, is featured in the private dining room. Throughout the third floor are two collections of prints by talented Chicago photographer Lincoln Schatz, entitled “Lake Series” and “Portrait of a Walk: Aspen Series.”
  • A serene landscape image by Bay Area photographer Adam Katseff and artwork by New York-based painter Shan Raoufi are displayed in the second-floor lobby, and create a thought-provoking complement to a large photo mural of the Joshua Tree National Park displayed in the game room. Raoufi’s moody piece, entitled “Untitled Yarn Painting,” took several months to complete and draws on the influence from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 film “Vertigo,” where Kim Novak dreamily explains her life span to Jimmy Stewart as represented by the rings of a downed redwood tree in Muir woods.

In addition to curated artwork, the building features modern influences, iconic architecture and dynamic design throughout, especially the trademark sloped roof, representing a striking departure from the surrounding flat-top buildings. A total of 283 luxury rental units offer unmatched lifestyle to high-profile Hollywood executives, A-list celebrities, international royalty and the entertainment industry’s elite.

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