Must-Reads: The New Architecture Of Wine

The New Architecture Of Wine: 25 Spectacular California Wineries by Heather Sandy Herbert | Gibbs Smith Books

Pop the cork, pour a glass and settle in for breathtaking photos and inspiring stories of jewel- of-the-vine wineries, mostly in Napa and Sonoma counties.

“I kept the book to wineries designed, or redesigned, within the last ten years, because the book is about what is happening in California wine country now. We are in the golden age of wine,” contends author Heather Sandy Hebert.

PROJECT: LAW ESTATE | BAR Architects. Photography by Doug Dan.

“Early wineries were far more imitative of European-style estates, but as California wines came into their own, that changed,” she notes.

The new architecture of wine has evolved into a celebration of the state’s topography, agricultural heritage and passion for sustainability and site-specific c design. These wineries really are an homage to place.

PROJECT: PROGENY WINERY. Photography by Aubrie Pick. 

“Every winemaker will tell you that the vines and the grapes come first, always, but hospitality is also very important. Guests need a place to visit where they feel connected to the land, the wines and the winery,” explains the author, who lives in Marin County with her husband and four children.

The wineries here model very different approaches. You will see thoroughly modern in glass and concrete; pavilions so spare that their primary defining feature is the views they frame; a contemporary farmhouse built of wood and stone; and a reimagined piece of history clad in reclaimed lumber.

PROJECT: KISTLER VINEYARDS. Photography by David Wakely.

“I love people, and their stories – at its heart, this book is about the passions of the winemakers and the talented designers who expressed those passions through architecture,” Hebert adds.

The wine is pretty great, too. Pressed to pick favorites (“They are all fabulous,” Hebert insists), she praises the pinot noirs from Donum Estate; Steve Kistler’s pinot noirs from Occidental, made from ridgetop vines overlooking the ocean; and the rosé at Epoch Estate.


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