These Artists Are Spending Spring Break In Dubai With This New Exhibition

In celebration of its third anniversary, Custot Gallery Dubai will present a new group exhibition of paintings and sculptures from now through May. Spring Break, will feature the work of a number of renowned international contemporary artists, most prominently Marc Quinn, Pablo Reinoso, and Fabienne Verdier.

Marc Quinn’s The Eye of History (Polar Perspective) Red, 2012

Marc Quinn, of the Young British Artists Group, specifically makes art that acts as a commentary on modern life. His painting The Eye of History (Polar Perspective) Red, “Comments on the paranoid world we live in, and the notion of 24-hour news where the whole world is connected through ever-present media, syncopating with notions of our eroding and changing geographical world,” according to the Custot Gallery. Also on display will be three works from The Nurseries of El Dorado series, which combine unconventional botanical elements to evoke the visuals of a mythical world.

Pablo Reinoso’s Black Sand, 2018

Argentinian sculptor Pablo Reinoso will be showcasing Black Sand, the first painted steel bench from his Spaghetti Bench series. First conceived in 2006, the series takes an average slatted bench and adds movement and life, with sculptural elements that rise up from the classic design. “In his sculptures, the artist evokes the concepts that transcend the boundaries of the object and exceed the life of them, stimulating the public bench’s role place of meeting and conversation.” It was works like Black Sand that made Reinoso a well-known name among artists, and acted as a starting point for many of his famous works.

Fabienne Verdier’s Ascèse, 2015

Finally, the exhibition will feature Ascèse, from French artist Fabienne Verdier. In order to achieve the shape that makes up the paintings in this series, Verdier stands in the middle of the canvas and uses herself as a compass, rotating 360 degrees with her brush. “This circular composition explores the relationship between negative and positive space. For the artist, the circle, the most elementary of forms is a symbol of the center of the cosmos.”

Spring Break is open now, until May 30, at the Custot Gallery Dubai.

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