Tips For Attaining A French Provincial Style For Your Home

[nggallery id=147 template=”sliderview” display_content=”0”]Who doesn’t prefer a warm, cozy and beautiful home all at the same time? Well make up your mind and you can have it! You can style your home with french provincial style. It would be a great way to treat your house by decorating or renovating in this style. You will definitely need to invest a considerable amount of money but the benefits will absolutely be worth it. There are innumerable ways for attaining this particular kind of style and look for your home. Be it French doors and flagstone flooring to ceiling windows and paneled floors, you name it.
Both time and money should be spent in valuable things. Therefore, in right to make the best for your home with your limited resources, ensure to achieve an elegant and sophisticated look. After all, home is where the heart is. Hence, it would be completely up to you for embellishing your home with best of resources. In order to brighten your house with great interiors, it would be best to follow certain effective tips and suggestions.

Emphasize On Color Accents
While trying to set your house in a french provincial style, you would be required to emphasize on color and accents. It would be vital to opt for colors that would suit the background of your house.

  • You might consider choosing a neutral palette. Natural palette will give a subtle look and feel to your home.
  • Apart from giving a complete makeover, it will help you add a tinge of freshness to your home. You can also opt for colors like muted beige for a very French look.
  • Such colors would prove to be a great backdrop to painted furniture and wooden floors.
  • You can also opt for Persian rugs or an aubergine sofa. Incorporation of such elements would help enhance the style and interiors.

Focusing on such aspects would give your house an enchanted yet classic avatar.

Painting Your Furniture
In order to achieve a french provincial style, you should paint your furniture like the French do. They are renowned for their love of painting furniture.

  • While painting your furniture, ensure to opt for colors like white, taupe or even muted grey. If in case you would want an intense look for your home, then go bold with duck egg blue, navy or deep red colors.
  • You can also enhance styles of your painted furniture by adding moldings, or painting the details in a completely different color.

Vintage Furniture Pieces
A french provincial style home is never complete without vintage furniture pieces. Therefore, it would be vital to keep an eye out for auctions or even antique shops. Either ways will help you collect vintage furniture that will increase the ambience and status of your home.

  • Ensure to purchase some breathtaking antique pieces of furniture like an armoire or a French sideboard. These will play a great role in intensifying your French interior design concepts.
  • Moreover, you would find great pieces of furniture for storage as well. You don’t have to mismatch your upholstery with average storage cabinets.
  • Opt for something affordable yet classy pieces of furniture.

Other Additional Factors
Apart from these factors, there are varied ways for attaining a French provincial look for your beloved abode. Have you ever considered including extra lighting? If yes, chandeliers would prove to be the ultimate French style lighting. These would look wonderful in formal living spaces or over dining tables. You can also opt for soft muted furnishings like sofas, rugs amongst others. Motifs for a French look would include things like crown, stripes or fleur de lis. With inclusion of such wonderful factors and more, you will have a house that holds a special meaning to it.

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