Home Design Tips for Valentine’s Day

Most homes are already flowing with love and laughter so why not accentuate the upcoming holiday by adding even more love (and a few more laughs) to your home? Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to decorate with symbols of love and add some charm to your home. Check out these home design tips for Valentine’s Day to make your home more festive this year:Rustic Farmhouse Distressed Wood Heart

Rustic Metal and Wood | Metal and wood go hand in hand when it comes to smart home design. Try incorporating those items in your home and create a new focal wall in the family room. Consider pulling out those rustic arrows and pictures from throughout the house. Hang the photos in a circle and place the arrows, so they point to the ones you love. Combine a bare pallet wall hanging with a rustic style painted heart for a custom look. Pulling in your rustic outdoor décor is another way to change up the look of a room for February.

Create A Heart Tree | For a more modern look, consider what you can do with natural items that you have right around your home. Go outside and grab a few twigs or small branches that you can use to create a beautiful accent piece. Spray paint the twigs with white paint and then attach small cut out hearts to the twigs with bits of string. (You can also use heart-shaped jelly candy.) Place the sprigs in a clear glass vase filled with small stones for a stunning heart tree Valentine decoration. This project is great to do with the kiddos, and the white and red colors really create a modern design piece.

Include Rosy Colored Plants | Pink and red flowers are a must when adding a touch of charm to your home for Valentine’s Day. The traditional long-stemmed roses are gorgeous, but you can find plenty of cheaper alternatives to add natural floral beauty to your home. Consider Sasanqua Camellia or Pink Clusterberry for a different floral texture that also adds color to any space. For a shorter centerpiece, use only the flower heads without the stems in a glass vase to complement the modern design of your home.

If allergies are a problem, you can always get an aloe plant and paint the tips red. Add a note that says “You had me at aloe,” or “Aloe you Vera much.”

Invest in Candles Galore | Yes, candles are a bit old fashioned, but they can bring a lot of natural beauty and ambiance to your home. We recommend investing in a few different styles and colors of candles to create a dramatic effect. Pillar candles look great on a dining table while jarred ones can add more mystery to a living or bedroom. If you’re still wary of having an open flame in your home, consider battery-operated flicker candles that can give you the same look.

Decorate with Yarn Trees | Repurpose those styrofoam cones you decorated at Christmas. Wrap the different size cones with red, white or pink yarn. Add some heart decorations or even a little bit of sparkly valentine tinsel for a beautiful look. Place three of these Valentine yarn trees on the mantle, on a buffet. They’ll also look sharp on a sofa table and add holiday spirit to your home.

Decorating your home for Valentine’s Day can be a piece of cake or chocolate with just a few key items. Beautiful flowers are a natural on this holiday, but so are branches from your backyard with a few added touches. Your friends and family are sure to love these home design tips for Valentine’s Day this year.

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