Top 10 Kitchen Designs and Setting the Table with Forty One Madison

Cheban Interiors aims to create an emotional connection between client and home in clean, modern settings with a funky twist.
Location: Hoboken, NJ
Square footage: 200 sq. ft.
Style: Modern
“This was a gut remodel, and my inspiration for the design was the stone that we chose for the surfaces. I wanted something that said high luxury but was still user-friendly. That is exactly what I found in the leathered-finish granite on the island that really laid the foundation for the rest of the design. For an element of fun and movement, I came up with the swing idea as a way to accentuate the 11-foot ceiling height. I didn’t want to go with the traditional chandelier option; I wanted to make this kitchen memorable and the swings added that and a lot of fun to the space. They were custom-made out of rope and wood, and of course they are incredibly sturdy.”

Tom Stringer Design Partners is an award-winning firm that specializes in classical and contemporary designs that are warm, inviting and visually engaging.
Location: Chicago, Il
Square footage: 450 sq. ft.
Style: Modern Tudor
“This kitchen was a full gut remodel. This is a family kitchen built for entertaining, and the client wanted a more contemporary, visually clean update for this lakeside, Tudor-style residence. We borrowed a single traditional element – butted board – from the adjacent great room, and then furnished the space with English Tudor-style stools to keep the flow. To keep the space from feeling too clinical, we used the board for texture, handblown glass pendants and open shelving for detail, and the bar chairs to add an eclectic feel.”

Patrick Sutton Interior Design is known for creating a complete design experience, unifying architecture with the romance of the decorative arts.
Location: Baltimore, MD
Square footage: 400 sq. ft.
Style: Warm Modern
“We opened up the plan in this partial remodel, and we repurposed some of the existing cabinetry and added a new island and coffee center next to the breakfast table. This house was designed for entertaining so I wanted to open up the kitchen space so that it feels comfortable when filled with guests. The big island is perfect for buffet service and the oversized breakfast table can hold eight guests for morning coffee and conversation. To add warmth, we chose materials like cerused oak for the island and brushed limestone for the floors. The handscraped wood plank table gives the otherwise modern kitchen a human quality.”

Are people entertaining more formal or casual? Casual dining has been taking over the way people entertain, especially in the home. The open concept home has been the key factor leading that change. What is the typical number of guests? For our customer – 8-12 guests is typical. What is your showroom’s best seller? Christofle’s best seller is MOOD for its casual elegance.

Who are you seeing entertaining? What age group? 40+. Are people entertaining more formal or casual? Formal. What is the typical number of guests? 18-24. What is your showroom’s best seller? Blend Collection. Do you entertain? Occasionally.

Our young bride or modern customer love our Vera Wang for Wedgwood collections. For the modern person, Wang has designed sets in the traditional 5-place table settings and offers some styles in 4-piece place table settings as well. All her designs mix and match beautifully for any style and occasion.

Home Front Build is passionate about great design and has architects and designers as well as a full staff of builders, creating a synergy and opportunity for problem solving under one roof.
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Square footage: 1,925 sq. ft.
Style: Ranch Revival
“This San Fernando Valley ranch was once part of a larger 1950s ranch in an area that included Hollywood luminaries such as Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. The goal was to update the kitchen and integrate it into the living area, adding modern amenities while creating a space that was in keeping with the original midcentury ranch style. We had to remove layers of work that had been added to bring it back to its design roots. My favorite element is the original Stanley Ranch Craft hardware, which adds a wonderful character and authenticity to this project.”

Jeffrey Dungan Architects is recognized for its clean and modern approach to traditional vernacular architecture and design.
Location: Birmingham, AL
Square footage: 3,500 sq. ft.
Style: Timeless Old School
“This was a ground-up build, so all of the elements are new, including that stone wall. I was sick of the all-white everything kitchen so we decided to go moody and dark. The pewter countertop was inspired by old bistros like Balthazar in New York. Natural light is a theme in all of my work and I love to play with the tension between transparency and solidity, as in the juxtaposition of the large windows and skylight against the stone masonry. We used those contrasting elements to great effect in this room, which feels timeless but is completely new.”

While known for his traditional-in-spirit designs, Keith Baltimore’s vision includes modern inspiration and cutting-edge technology, and incorporates exotic materials and objets d’art for an element of surprise.
Location: Port Washington, NY
Square footage: 303 sq. ft.
Style: Contemporary Interpretation of Traditional Design
“For this kitchen we re-invented an old New York loft to accommodate the lifestyle of a New York City single professional. We referenced old New York with white subway tile, and gave it graphic punch with black grout. Gold accents warm up the space, and the organic black granite floors and marble countertops add warmth as well. The standout elements in this kitchen are the glamorous closet doors which are made of antiqued mirror covered in safety glass.”

KAA Design was founded in 1988 and is dedicated to advancing the California lifestyle through their dedication to design.
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Square footage: 7,320 sq. ft.
Style: Warm Contemporary
“Our inspiration for the kitchen in this ground up, three-story home was a sense of nautical precision, as if it was an Armani yacht. The kitchen is on the top floor and we wanted the interior to feel like you were climbing into an exquisitely detailed piece of millwork. Every square inch of storage is thought through, and is fitted precisely, as in the interior of a ship’s hull. To keep it from feeling too clinical, we used natural woods, textured materials and warm lighting. It was important to consolidate the built-in appliances into the northeast corner, where they are tucked away from view. Besides the cooktop and sink, everything else was detailed to integrate into the great room shelving and cabinetry, including overlay panels on refrigerators and dishwashers. And we used consistent horizontal banding across all cabinet fronts to pick up on the exterior wood siding as well as unifying drawer fronts and cabinets. Wood floors throughout the space carry into the kitchen.”

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