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From coast to coast, and from season to season, trends ebb and flow and are effected by everything from the fashion runways to the political scene. To keep close watch on the happenings in regions across the U.S., surfaces company Cosentino teamed with a group of designers from varying cities to gain insight into design trends and to develop new colors for its Silestone line of quartz surfaces.

Here, the Silestone Trendspotters chime in on what’s hot in the interiors they’re seeing and designing this season.

1PrintDenise McGaha
Denise McGaha Interiors
Dallas, TX
Q: What trend has caught your eye for incorporating bold hues into a kitchen or bath palette?
A: “I’m so pleased to see appliance vendors offering colors that veer away from ’safe.’ A statement kitchen can start with tile, countertops, cabinets or paint, but when appliances enter the equation, that’s when truly bold designs emerge.”6-Cheryl Kees Clendenon

PrintCheryl Kees Clendenon
In Detail Interiors
Pensacola, FL
Q: What color have you been using most in 2016, and how do you incorporate it into your work?
A: “For me, on the coast, it’s most assuredly an aqua. Some days I dream of anything but aqua! But then I find my love for it all over again when we can interpret it into our own style. Sometimes this is a very bold statement, and then sometimes it’s much more subtle such as how I plan to incorporate the color in a countertop application. Aqua is a perfect color for interpretation. All in all, my love affair with aqua is still going strong!”

3-Chris Kennedy-BBQ WITH LEMONS POCKET WINDOW OPENPrintChristopher Kennedy
Christopher Kennedy Inc.
Palm Springs, CA
Q: Interiors in your region often seamlessly transition into outdoor living spaces. What’s your secret to making this work?
A: “My secret is to make the materials flow. If possible, I like to carry the flooring from inside to outside. If my choice of material won’t work outside, then I have the colors match as closely as possible — for example, a grey tile inside to grey concrete outside. Concrete can be stained nearly any color, so the options are almost limitless.

PrintSteffany Hollingsworth
HVL Interiors
Santa Fe, NM
Q: What’s your secret to creating spaces that are rich and full of dimension?
A: “We continue to see a trend toward poured concrete, often in more colorful pigments, and natural materials such as driftwood and steel. The mix of natural stone with glazed tile and quartz composite hits the mark in many regards, from use and maintenance to pattern and finish. A combination of wood finishes provides interest and a striking framework for the oftenneutral palette that is prevalent in the Southwest.”

PrintDrew McGukin
Drew McGukin Interiors
New York, NY
Q: Black has become more popular in interior design in 2016. What is your favorite way to use black in your projects?
A: “Black is always strong and it’s a great way to refine any space whether it’s taking a main stage or underlining a specific design statement. I use a lot of blackened steel in projects of every shape, size and style to create accents and defining moments. We designed a gorgeous chamfered fireplace surround in blackened steel that we’ve used several times.”

PrintTheresa Casey
Casey Design Planning Group Inc.
Toronto, Ontario
Q: What’s your favorite way to incorporate bold, graphic patterns into your interiors?
A: “My favorite tool in my interior designer toolbox is to utilize highly graphic patterns or materials to create drama and focus. The best way to do this without overwhelming a room is to figure out what kind of atmosphere you’re trying to achieve. It’s about strategically editing to achieve the desired result.”

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