“Tsukernya” Wooden Candy Case

Walnut as an inspiration for artisan candy vase “Tsukernya” by FAINA Design (Kyiv, Ukraine), made of solid wood (ash) with glossy ceramic ring in the top. 

This functional candy vase “Tsukernya” (“tsukernya” in Ukrainian means a candy shop) on 3 feet besides a walnut shape and ecological materials (wood, ceramic) has some interesting historical background. The story of FAINA Design started in 2014 as a desire of Ukrainian architect Victoriya Yakusha transform national roots and traditions into modern object design.

Her investigation in the field of Trypilian culture (ancient times culture flourished in central and western Ukraine between 5400 BC and 2700 BC, where pottery and woodwork were highly developed) leaded to a minimalist eco-design collection FAINA. She took some jewelry, households shapes, typical materials and even some techniques of ancestors and rethink them in unusual artistic way by creating contemporary decor, suspension lamp, dinner table or cabinets.

Victoriya Yakusha: “I think, that now people more than ever want to live in a home that reflects their traditions, culture, identity. We constantly ask questions – who we are, where we came from and what can we bring to next generations. So I tried to create decor objects and basic furniture that would reflex a pleasure of living in cosy spaces, surrounded by natural ecological objects, that have essential stories and gave us “new forgotten” existence.”

Candy vase is made from one piece of wood manually, ceramic ring in the top is fixed with special ecological glue. Vase is available in different wood versions (black and natural beige) and two different colours of clay (dark chocolate and natural beige).

Dimensions: 275 x 250 x 170 mm
Materials: solid wood (ash) and clay/ceramics

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