This Waterfront Property In The West Village Is Dressed In Soulful Minimalism

Completed in early 2019, TRC’s 160 Leroy project is an impressively pure example of interior designer Tina Ramchandani’s signature aesthetic, soulful minimalism. Designed from start to finish for the new construction waterfront property in the West Village, Ramchandani worked closely with her clients to create an urban vacation home.

west village apartment kitchen

“The clients needed a harmonious space that evoked a sense of sophisticated tranquility,” says Ramchandani. 

The soft color palette and customized artistic elements throughout the home induce a clean and modern feel while infusing interest and depth. Most notably, the Statue Of Liberty mosaic in the dining room, by artist Doug Powell, is a striking element that adds contrast, while still complementing the overall color scheme (and location) of the apartment. 

doug powell keyboard mosaic

This unique piece was created using Powell’s signature medium: upcycled computer keys. The black, grey, beige and yellowed keys were collected and sorted from hundreds of discarded keyboards, in order to complete this statement piece.

doug powell art

Inspired by the infamous architect Oscar Niemeyer‘s love for free-flowing curves, Pritzker Prize-winning Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron brought real estate developer Ian Schrager’s vision for 160 Leroy to life.

“The only thing that mattered to me was to turn a residential apartment into a real home,” says Schrager, “I sought to capture the details of life in the details of the architecture.” In doing so, the space is light and open, with sweeping views of the Hudson River. 

west village apartment view

west village waterfront apartment bedroom

“My client was in love with the angles and curves of the building’s exterior architecture, which was a source of inspiration for what we created regarding the interior,” says Ramchandani. “We were in search of the perfect light fixture for above the dining table to reflect that, and after months of searching stumbled across the Rosie Li chandelier which did the trick.”

Also incorporating the fluid contouring of the architecture are the curved channel sofa in the living space, and the Studio Van Den Akker coffee table. Contemporary meets geological influences with its organic curves and black lacquer finish.

west village apartment living room

Ramchandani worked with the clients to select each unique piece for the space to create a relaxed, yet sophisticated home away from home.

Photography by Ellen McDermott.

About the Designer | Tina Ramchandani Creative (TRC) is a full-service design firm that creates modern, sophisticated and relaxed interiors. Tina incorporates her vast experience and global perspective into her signature style, that delivers a warm layered aesthetic, enhancing your lifestyle and inviting you to truly “live” in your bespoken space. Tina places a strong emphasis on artwork, couture pieces and custom elements, within the client’s budget. While creating a unique, livable environment for clients, TRC incorporates local artists and artisans to bring spaces to life, and showcase clients’ personalities in their homes.

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